"She seeks wool & flax, And works willingly with her hands" ~ Proverbs 31:13

January 29, 2013

She's back!!!

My favorite machine (Ms. Sapphire) was out of commission for almost two full weeks. UGH! 
Yesterday hubby went for a nice scenic drive to Warrenton, VA with me to pick up my beloved machine from Kelly Ann's Quilting.  They took such good care of her and got her back into working order.  It's really kind of cool that the machine keeps track of actual sewing hours and I logged over 225 hours over the last 13 months. WOW! 

 While my beloved machine was away for repairs, I was using my old Janome and she did very well.  She even cooperated when I tried out free motion quilting on her. The sewing bed is pretty small and I don't have an extension table for her, so there wasn't a lot of room to move the quilt around.  I decided to wait on quilting the Craisy Daisy and Jelly Roll Quilts until Ms. Sapphire came home. 

With that decision made I had several days to wait, so it was time to pick something from my WIP pile and see what kind of progress I could make. I picked a mystery quilt that I had collected all the steps for and made fabric choices from my stash, but never made it any farther.  After a few days of cutting and piecing I've made it through 4 of the 6 steps, and now it goes back into the WIP pile.

Mystery Quilt Progress
While Sapphire was out of commission here's what I accomplished:
Pieced and sandwiched Craisy Daisy & chose a free motion quilting pattern
Completed a Jelly Roll Race Top & Sandwiched it
Made it a little over half way through the mystery quilt top.

Now I'm off to practice free motion daisies on Ms. Sapphire and see how she likes them.
My goal this week is to completely finish the Craisy Daisy quilt and be able get it into the mail next week.

Blessings & 
Happy Stitching!
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January 25, 2013

Snow Days

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Blessings &
Happy Stitching!

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January 22, 2013

Quilt Top in a Day {Jelly Roll Race}

With yesterday being an official Holiday {Martin Luther King Jr. Day} I thought it would be a good idea to give myself an official day off and spend the day doing something just for the fun of it.

My Jelly Roll Race Quilt Top
I've been wanting to test out the quilt pattern known as, "The Jelly Roll Race" and I had the perfect jelly roll in my stash for my play time. 

The Jelly Roll I started with

Okay....so for those of you who have never heard of the Jelly Roll Race,  it's a race to create a quilt top from a Jelly Roll that a lot of quilt guilds have been doing at their guild meetings. 
Here's how it works:

1. Unroll the jelly roll.
2. Pull out 2 strips and lay the ends at 90 degrees to each other {with right sides together) and sew corner to corner to create a 45 degree seam. {Yes it matters which corner to corner you sew...test one to make sure you have it right before doing your whole stack}.
3. Continue adding strips {either exactly as they come off the stack or randomly pull one out of the stack} until you have all the strips sewn together in one long strip.
4. Trim off all the extra fabric flaps on the seams.
5. Cut approximately 18" off of one end of the strip. This will make it so that the seams are staggered throughout the quilt. The piece you cut off is no longer needed it can go in the  scrap bin. (Thanks Beatrice for pointing out the absence of this all important step!).
6. Find the end of your strip, holding the end of the strip pull through the fabric until you come to the other end of the strip. {This is where the race begins} Lay the two end right sides together and begin sewing the two strips side by side with one very long seam. When you get near the end of this long strip you'll find a fold on the very end...stop sewing. Your going to cut this fold {right on the fold} to create two completely separate strips that you've been sewing together. Finish stitching the two strips together. The single long strip you started with is now 2 strips stitched side by side and half the length.
7. Open up the two pieces, holding one end find the other end and again lay the strips right sides together and sew to the other end stopping short of the end to cut the fold apart, then finish stitching the strips together. Now you have 4 strips sewn side by side and once again it's half the size.
8. Continue laying the strips right side together, sewing a seam and cutting the fold until your piece is just over a yard wide {with the strips running horizontally}.   My finished top ended up being 50" x 60", your finished size will depend on how many strips are in the jelly roll you are using.

All of the tutorials I've seen say that this quilt top can be done in about an hour.  It took me a bit longer than that, but only because I couldn't get past my perfectionist tendencies and I was only racing against myself, so I still won the race. hehehe

A few tips:
Keep an eye on your bobbin thread, I used 2 full bobbins.
Don't worry about perfection and it'll go much quicker. 
After sewing all the strips end to end I pressed all the seams in the same direction {before sewing the strips side by side}. 
While sewing the top I didn't press any of the seams. Once the top was finished I pressed all the seams in the same direction.
When Cutting the fold, use the scissors to pull the fabric straight and cut right on the fold. 

Here's a fun video from Jenny Doan demonstrating the Jelly Roll Race:

This afternoon, I'm going to see if my little Janome feels like doing some free-motion quilting and if she does I'm going to use this jelly roll top to practice the free-motion daisies that I want to use to quilt the Craisy Daisy Quilt.

Happy Stitching & 
Many Blessings,

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January 20, 2013

Craisy Daisy Top Ready to Quilt

I have to say that little Ms. Janome has done a fantastic job this week!
She did such a great job that I was able to accomplish my goal of finishing the 
Craisy Daisy Quilt top before the end of the week.  

I've been playing with some ideas about how to quilt this one and I think I've settled on an all over Free Motion Daisy Pattern. Something similar to this.....

Free Motion Quilting  Practice - Daisies
I think this may look a little more like clovers than daisies, so I will definitely be practicing more this week, while my Husqvarna (that I use for free motion quilting) is being repaired. I could try to do the free motion quilting on the Janome, but in the past I've had lots of issues doing free motion on it and I really don't want to fight with it, especially not on a new design.

Happy Sewing! 

P.S. Hop over to the shop at www.littlepinkrose.com and checkout all the new additions and discounts in the Bargain Bin. All of the Salt Water Collection by Tula Pink is 20% off this week as well. While you're over there be sure to sign up for our Newsletter and never miss out on sales or coupons. 

January 17, 2013

Pulling out the Old Machine {& WIP update}

My poor Sapphire (yes I named my sewing machine) is sick and in desperate need of a trip to the hospital. But, just like a real doctor the next available appointment was over a week away.  At least I know that Sapphire's doctor is an expert and will take good care of her, sending her home ready to get back to work. 

In the meantime I'm pulling Ms. Janome off the shelf and praying that she won't be as difficult and temperamental as she was the last time we tried to work together.

Ms. Janome
To entice her into behaving herself, I took her apart, cleaned out some fuzz and gave her a drink of oil in all those strategic places laid out in her care manual and prayed for the best. 

Praise the Lord! 
So far she is producing some beautiful stitches and working amazingly surprisingly well!! 

Here's what Ms. Janome and I have done so far this morning.....
Craisy Daisy Baby Quilt

I am a bit concerned (and maybe it's just me) about my choice of the solid Citron Green pieces in the quilt...seems a bit harsh or overwhelming to me, so on the design wall it went.  I needed to see it all laid out. After laying it out (as seen above) I do like it a bit better than I thought I would. 

I'm thinking that using either a light pink or white thread for the quilting and adding some stitched daisies in the Solid and light pink squares will bring it all together in a satisfying way.  
Any thoughts? Should I scrap the solid green and find something different for those pieces? 
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! 

Happy Stitching &
Many Blessings,

January 16, 2013

Applique Daisies {WIP)

The newest quilt is coming along much better than I had expected. 
The pattern contains several appliqued daisies in a couple of sizes and considering my minimal experience with appliques, I began the day fully prepared to make several practice daisies before being able to move on to the daisies for the quilt. 

With attention to detail, a steady pace and lots of patience, I only had to practice on one daisy and was able to take the same technique straight to the daisies for the quilt and ended the day with a little happy-dance of exuberant satisfaction!! 

Now, on to piecing the quilt top....hoping to have it ready to quilt before the end of the week. 

Happy Stitching &
Many Blessings,

January 12, 2013

Beginning A New Quilt

Really excited about the newest quilt I'm working on! I'm using the Craisy Daisy Pattern from Green Fairy Quilts and all the fabrics are Art Gallery Fabrics that I have in the shop. 

I think it's going to be just too cute!! 

Pattern & Fabric all available in the shop www.littlepinkrose.com

Did you begin any new projects this weekend? 

Happy Creating &
Many Blessings,

January 11, 2013

I'm a new Sponsor

I have become a new advertising sponsor over on the inspiring and creative blog of Bijou Lovely.

As a new sponsor I'm hosting a giveaway on Holly's Blog and giving away 
5 Green Fairy Patterns and the winner's choice of 2 yards of fabric from the shop. 

If you'd like to participate in the giveaway, click on the Bijou Lovely button and hop on over to check it out. 

While you're there be sure to give Holly a little blogger love and become a follower of Bijou Lovely. 

Happy Sewing & 
Many Blessings!

January 10, 2013

Square Off Quilt Finished

Just after Christmas I was doing a pattern test for Elisabeth of Brown Bird Designs on her quilt pattern "Square Off". Elisabeth has very generously made this a FREE pattern download from her blog.
Go here to download a FREE copy of this pattern.
  My first post about this quilt is here.

While I've been between custom orders I've been working on quilting this beautiful quilt. Several days were spent in contemplation on how exactly to go about quilting it. One option was to do an all over stipple and call it done. But, as I stared at it those squares kept telling me that they needed to stand out and be the star of the show. After signing up for a Craftsy online quilting class with Angela Walters, I knew exactly how to go about doing the quilting. Since this was a pattern test and not a gift for someone it was the perfect canvas for practicing the stitches I was learning in class!

Today I put the finishing touches on this quilt and was very pleased with the final results.

 I played with several possibilities for quilting the print sections of the quilt, the possibilities I considered were; feathers, Stitch in the ditch around each seam of the squares, 2-3 rows of stitching following the lines of the square. But in the end I chose to leave the squares just as they are with no quilting in those sections.

I still can't decide if that was the best decision of not.
What do you gals think?
"Square Off" Made completely from Half Square Triangles and Squares. A confident Beginner could easily make this quilt!
Since this became a practice quilt for me, I used each section to practice a different combination of designs.

This is my favorite section of quilting, with Paisleys and Swirls

As always I especially like how the back shows off the pattern and quilting!

Back of "Square Off"

There are some more pictures of this quilt available on my photostream on flickr,  click here to see those photos.


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January 8, 2013

2012 Year in Review

Last year was a busy year for our family, a High School Graduation, an Army Basic Training Graduation, hubby's Lt. Col. Promotion Ceremony, the opening of Little Pink Rose online fabric shop, the continuation of Little Pink Rose Custom Sewing & Alterations,  a child moving half way across the country,  hubby's active duty orders came to an end (still searching for full-time employment), and lots of sewing projects & alterations surround it all.

Here are my quilt & sewing projects completed this year (click on the titles to see details): 

Chunky Pincushion
"Summer Breeze Trellis" - Next Iron Quilter 7th Place
Jason's T-Shirt Quilt
Small Crayon Rollup
Large Crayon Rollup

Cuddle Bears
Red & White Cathedral Window Pincushion
Pink Cathedral Window Pincushion

"Three Tours of Duty"  (Quilt of Valor)
"ColorBlock"  (Pattern Testing)
"Black Tie Event"
"Simple Pleasures Chain Quilt"
"Safari Delight"

Custom Order Aqua Cathedral Window Pincushion
Variety of Cathedral Window Pincushions (available at www.littlepinkrose.com)
"For God & Country"
Another Custom Order Aqua Cathedral Window Pincushion
Pyramid Pincushion
Ironing Board Cover
Cuddle Bears Custom Order  (others available at www.littlepink.com)
Flour Sack Fabric Bridesmaid Dress for a Country Wedding
Flower Girl Dress
Wrap-Around Wedding Dress for Historic Church Wedding
20 Winter Guard/Color Guard Performance Flags
"Super Mario Brothers"
"Trains All Around"
"Cotton Candy"
Sewing Studio Redo

Other works in progress not pictured here include: A Graduation Quilt (needs quilted & bound), Swirly Girls Club House Quilt still in progress, Square Off Quilt being quilted & bound, and several scrap quilts. I like to make this type of yearly review, it helps me remember what all was completed and what is still on the to-do list. 2013 has already begun with a bang and the Works in Progress will have to wait a bit longer as I begin working on some new custom orders. 

Happy New Year!!

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