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September 25, 2012

Gowns & Dresses Everywhere!

Last week was such a busy week, I barely had time to breath let alone blog about all the happenings. The best part of it all was that every project came to a successful completion.

You'll remember a couple of weeks ago that the wedding gown I was working on had to be re-cut and essentially started again.  After some very long hours and very late nights, everything came together wonderfully.  The bride's reaction when she saw it was perfect. She walked around the corner and at first sight declared, "Ohhhhhh, I love it! You do beautiful work!" 

Here's what she saw...

The hanger still doesn't do it justice
 The pattern was designed for knit fabrics which have a much softer drape. The fabric we chose for the gown refused to drape even a little bit. So, to get the open shoulder sleeves to drape and lay down like we wanted I pinned each drape and fold where we wanted it and then I made tiny little thread tacks to hold everything in place.

The sleeves may be my favorite part of this gown.
Every bride needs something blue for her wedding day! Using 2-strands of variegated blue embroidery floss, I hand-embroidered her wedding date into the hem of her dress...an idea I saw on Pinterest {love pinterest!!}. 

Hand-embroidered wedding date in the hen of the bride's wedding gown

My favorite part is seeing the bride in her finished gown and seeing how pleased she is with the outcome. She wouldn't let me take a picture unless I agreed to cut her face out. She had, had an allergic reaction the previous evening and really didn't want her swollen face memorialized on my blog. Can't say as I blame here one bit!! When she gets back from her honeymoon she's sending me pics from the wedding {Looking forward to seeing everything all together; dress, jewelry, hair, nails, etc...it is amazing how much all those touches add!}

The beautiful bride

Once the Bridal Gown was finished I had a bridesmaid dress and flower-girl's dress for another wedding to finish up. The day I wanted to take picture the house just seemed so dark inside I went outside to click a few photos.

The fabric is a reproduction of an old feed-sack print that ladies used to use to make their dresses. In the olden days (1920's & 1930's) feed stores used cotton sacks to package the feed they sold the farmers. Once the sack was empty the ladies on the farm used the cloth to make their dresses, curtains, towels and other household items and clothing. Nothing went to waste in those days. The bag manufactures finally caught on to this fact and in the 40's began printing their sacks with colors and designs in the hopes of boosting sales. The thought was that the women of the house would insist on purchasing the sacks with the prettiest designs.  {Ok, enough with the history lesson} 

Bridesmaid dress with grosgrain ribbon on the waist and matching padded hanger.

The little flower girl's dress is just adorable! The bow on the shoulder is just too cute!!!

Flower girl's dress

Tiny little bloomers peeking out from under the flower girl's dress

Another happy customer.
After all of last weeks satisfying finishes this weeks goal is to finish Michael's graduation quilt.  I've given myself a deadline of October1st to have everything bound and delivered. Better go get busy if I'm going to make it!

I'm seeing black & white everywhere I turn
Before I close this post I wanted to announce the winner of the custom bundle. Mr. Random Number Generator chose comment #6.

Karen 608 put together this bundle on comment #6......

Light Victorian Quilt:
1. Lace Elements- pearl lace
2. Lilybelle - moire aquamarine
3. Living Element - tutti fruiti
4. Nature element - light blue
5. Nature element - seawater
6. Ombre Dots Aqua
7. Ombre dots orange
8. Clean white cotton solid - Riley Blake Designs

Congratulations Karen! Email me your shipping address and I'll send this bundle on it's way to you.



  1. Thank you so much for the bundle!
    Sometimes you just gotta like
    Mr. Random Number Generator!

  2. Great work with the wedding dress! No wonder the bride was so happy, it looks lovely on her.

  3. The wedding dress turned out beautifully! Wow! What a great finish! Love the date embroidered on the hem, too. Such a great detail.

    Thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!


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