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September 5, 2012

Works in Progress

This week I have several works in progress at different stages of completion. I'm having a blast working on every single one of them. And with so many projects going at the same time I'm thankful that none of them are causing any headaches and making me want to avoid them. I've had some projects in the past that weren't any fun and I had to force myself to work on it just to get it done. So glad that is not the case right now.......though I'm sure there's a project lurking somewhere around the corner just waiting to cause me anxiety.  LOL!

This weeks Works in Progress include:

1) A Crepe backed Satin Wedding Gown:
I absolutely LOVE how this is coming together!!! 

 It all started with this pattern from Vogue.  I spent several hours pouring over the pattern and making all the alterations to take this from an above the dress to a full floor length gown. I know you'd think that it wouldn't be that complicated, but adding that much length changes how things align. Which is why, after making the alterations I made it up in muslin before ever even considering cutting into the Satin.

I'm taking the flounce off the front and flipping it over, so that more of the satin side will show. The way it's attached right now more of the duller crepe side shows, which is okay, but I think having more of the satin side showing will elevate the dress even more. Then all that's left to do is take in the side seams a bit, finish the lining, add a zipper and hem it.

I can hardly wait to show you a picture of the bride in the finished gown, she's absolutely beautiful!!!

2) A floral bridesmaid dress.....
This is another one of those dresses that looks just amazing on the young lady it's made for than it does on the hanger!  She's so adorable!!

 This dress needs one last alteration to the shoulder seams, a little tweaking on the zipper, facing on the armholes and hemmed.

3) A floral flowergirl's dress & bloomers

Just got the measurements today and will be diving into this cute little dress in the next day or so.

Still on the design wall waiting for me.....
4) Michael's graduation quilt
5) Super Mario Brother's quilt

  Luigi block laid out and ready to be sewn together.

 A couple of finishes.....
Hand quilted Trains & Roads Quilt

Mario Block waiting patiently for the rest of his companions

If the rest of this week goes as well as I hope it will, I'll be making great strides on all these project and working on the plans/pattern for a pink girls quilt that has been ordered.

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Have a fabulous day!!!

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  1. Your dresses look beautiful, I bet the bride is really pleased with the end result. Your Mario and Luigi are wonderful I imagine lots of boys young and old would love them. Thanks for sharing.

    Ali x


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