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February 29, 2012

Quilt of Valor

Edited to add:
The pattern is available through Fons and Poter's Love of Quilting magazine here: https://www.quiltingcompany.com/store/three-tours-digital-pattern

For several months now I've been seeing different Quilts of Valor and have been intrigued by the idea of making quilts to honor our service men and women.  I've discovered that all (or at least most) of the Quilts of Valor have been inspired by the Quilt of Valor Foundation, created with the purpose of honoring our men and women who have been touched by war. 

Opening up the latest issue of Fons & Porter's "Love of Quilting" (March/April 2012) I discovered a quilt named, "Three Tours," designed by a man in honor of his nephew who had served three tours of duty (two in Iraq and one in Afghanistan).  Seeing this quilt I went from just being intrigued to being inspired.

Quilt of Valor Inspiration Pattern

Have you ever been so inspired by something that it's almost all that fills your mind and you know you have to follow through and act upon that inspiration? This is that kind of inspiration for me.  Since being inspired I've had to force myself to work on other obligations (home and sewing) before diving into this quilt. I'm so excited about this project that I'm sure it will consume me once I start and I may not leave my studio until it's finished.  If you don't hear from me for a few days, send in some chocolate and cherry coke zero.

Quilt of Valor Fabric selection

So, today I begin a Quilt of Valor for a soldier who is dear to my heart and I hope will be honored by it.

Marcia the Little Pink Rose

February 25, 2012

Animal Print {Coming Along}

Today's progress on this quilt included piecing the rest of the blocks, squaring and trimming all 36 blocks...

...laying them out "randomly".  (I've found that a random layout really isn't so random - spent an hour arranging and rearranging blocks for the right balance) and sewing the blocks together.

 Once it was laid out,  I just stood there and smiled. All my hesitation and anxiety over the colors I'd chosen melted away.

36 perfectly trimmed blocks

When dear hubby arrived home tonight it was still lying out in the living room floor. Seeking his opinion I asked him what he thought.....
His first question, "Are you making that for me!?!"
"Why?"  I asked.
"I want it, I love the colors!"

Sadly for him, it's not his. But, I do enjoy having his stamp of approval!

"Animal Print Quilt" isn't a very creative name for this beauty.
Any thoughts?

I do need a better name for it than, "Animal Print Quilt," but so far that's the best I've come up with. Not very creative at all. 

A thought just hit me............what do you think of, "Safari Explosion"  as a name for this quilt?

I have fallen head over heals in LOVE with this quilt!!

God Bless,
Marcia the Little Pink Rose

February 23, 2012

Work In Progress

Today was a fairly productive day, despite having hints of a headache most of the day, I'm wondering if the pressure is changing and that's what's causing my headache...  Started off the day with pulling out fabric from my stash for a "Quilt of Valor" and moved from that right into cleaning up and rearranging my stash.

I started this morning with just a handful of blocks finished and a pile of triangles waiting to be pieced.  My original plan was to make all of these particular blocks exactly the same. But, after testing several different color possibilities,  I liked all of the options so much and couldn't settle on just one, I thought using a variety of blocks would give added interest to the quilt and make it a bit more unique.

There have been several more blocks finished since this picture was taken earlier this evening and I'm now down to having only 3 blocks left to finish tomorrow. 

The more I work with these fabrics, the more I'm starting to love how it's coming together.  Nervous and unsure of the fabrics and colors is how I started this quilt, but that is no longer the case. I'm expecting to be pleasantly surprised in the end.

God Bless,
Marcia the Little Pink Rose

February 19, 2012


 Very few quilts at the completion phase right now, I do have several Works in Progress though. But today instead of finishing any of them I'm auditioning fabric for two more quilts.

Bright Spring Time Collection

Animal Print with Black prints
What do you think? Have these collections made it through their auditions or is it back to the drawing board for these guys?

Until next time,
Marcia the Little Pink Rose

February 17, 2012

Cuddle Bears

Yesterday was a productive day for me. We drove down to Lynchburg to visit our college boy and celebrate his birthday with him. It's always good to catch up with him, even if it was for just a few short hours.

After the 3-hour drive back home, it was straight to my sewing studio for me, where I spent the rest of the evening creating adorable little bears. Made from McCall's Crafts pattern # M5605.

Stuffing-less bears

They seem so lifeless and even a little sad, without their stuffing. Seeing their flat little bodies lying on the table, reminds me of the Flat Stanley the kids made when they were little.

When I started this project it was with the intention of making just one bear as a gift for a very special young lady.  But the yard of fabric that the pattern calls for is actually enough to make all three sizes. Taking into consideration the major fur factor this fur creates, I thought it best to go ahead and make all three bears and just deal with the fur all at once instead of on several different days.  Maybe I'll sell the other two bears.

A tiny amount of the fur!

It's one of those projects that you just have to accept that you'll be covered in fur within seconds of beginning and it will follow your every step leaving a trail of fur everywhere you go.

Cuddle Bears

But, in the end the trail of fur all over the house is worth it, especially when you know the bears will be greatly loved by each of their recipients!

If you're interested in placing an order for a cuddle bear, contact me at: oneteachingmom@yahoo.com

Bears can be custom made to your specifications, limited only by available fabric, fur and ribbon. 

Marcia the Little Pink Rose

February 12, 2012

A Quilt of Forgiveness

As I began to get into quilting, I was given an unexpected opportunity to participate in an act of Christian love.  It was an act of love that was easier for some than others. During our Wednesday evening prayer service,  we prayed for a specific family and as we prayed the Lord laid it on my heart to make a baby quilt as a part of how our church would be reaching out to the family.  I knew I had to obey and do exactly what the Lord was asking me to do no matter how hard I felt it was going to be.

I knew He was going to be using the process of making this quilt to  bring not only the healing I needed but also to "sew" seeds of forgiveness in my heart.


It was with a bit of trepidation that I moved forward with picking out just the right fabric. Through every step of the process, I was praying first for the baby who would be receiving the blanket and then for the adults in this little ladies life. 

The back

The Lord worked in my heart as I prayed, removing both the bitterness and unforgiveness left in my heart. He made it possible for me to close a painful chapter of my life without any lingering poisons left in my heart.


 I learned long ago that my forgiveness of another is never dependent upon their seeking my forgiveness, or even admitting that they did something needing forgiveness.  Forgiveness does not say that what was done was okay to do. Instead it says that I will not allow myself to be held captive by chains of hurt, bitterness and unforgiveness. Nor, is forgiveness an automatic restoration of a relationship. There are some relationships that are toxic and shouldn't be restored, until the Lord does a work and changes the toxic-ness of that relationship. For a relationship to truly be restored the offending party must repent and actually seek your forgiveness.

Quilt Label

A forgiving heart is something that comes as one walks closely with the Lord God and seeks His ways. It is in an attempt to have a "heart after the Lord's own heart," that the Lord fills the heart with a desire to forgive.

 I once heard a Bible teacher relate a story of being hurt by a friend and asking God to, "Get her Lord, give her what she deserves."  And the Lord answered in her heart, "Really? Should I also give you what you deserve?"  Immediately her prayer for the lady changed from, "Get her Lord to, Forgive her Lord."

A quilt of forgiveness

My hearts desire is to be like my Savior as He hung on the cross. He cried out to God, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."  My cry is the same for those who have hurt me, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

Today I'm singing the Lord's praises for using each stitch of this quilt to change my heart and for giving me the desire and ability to forgive.

May Your Day be Greatly Blessed!
Little Pink Rose

February 8, 2012

Quilted in Clay

On the SewCalGal blog I just read about Jennifer Patterson, an amazing artist. Among other things she creates quilts in clay. 

Here's a video highlighting what she does:

Her work is absolutely beautiful!

These tiny clay quilts would make a great gift for a quilter in your life. I'm looking forward to picking out one of her quilt brooches for my very own!!  Too bad she doesn't have a little pink rose quilt, wonder if I could commission a special piece.......

Check out Jennifer Patterson's website at:

May the Lord Bless you today!
Little Pink Rose

February 1, 2012

New Look & Two New Projects

I felt that the look of my blog was a bit tired and uninspiring, so I've spent the morning playing with different possibilities.  I think I ended up with something clean and crisp and fitting for a little pink rose. As a reader of this blog, what do you think? Do you like the changes or would a softer pink be better?

Now for a sneak peak of a couple of new quilts I'm starting this week.

First up is a completely black and white quilt.
Black & White selection

A splash of color for the back

For now all I can show of the second quilt I'm working on, is this test block. 

Test Block

If you need me I'll be in the studio.
Many Blessings,
Little Pink Rose
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