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January 26, 2012

In Review {10 Months of Stitches}

Last night I was asked how many quilts I've done since I began quilting.  Thought it would be interesting to do a little review of all the projects from the last 10 months of dedicated sewing and quilting. Hope you enjoy the picture show.

1. Autographed Memory Quilt (March 2011)
blogged about here

2. Red, White & Blue Patriotic Quilt (June 2011)

3. Bears Baby Blanket Quilt (July 2011)

4. Quilted and bound this former WIP (Work In Progress)
Wall Hanging/Table Topper (July 2011)

5. Flannel & Chenille Baby Quilt (August 2011)

6. Pieced this Quilt soon to be tablecloth
but it's currently in the WIP pile waiting to be quilted & bound
(Started in August 2011)
7. Sock Monkey and Sock Monkey Baby Blanket.
Hand-Tied Brushed Flannel with Satin Binding,
(August 2011)

8. Happy Little Monkeys Baby Blanket
Hand-Tied Brushed Flannel with Satin Binding
(September 2011)

9. Sock Monkeys in Blue Baby Blanket
Hand-Tied Brushed Flannel with Satin Binding
(September 2011)

10. Jungle Babies Baby Blanket
Hand-Tied Brushed Flannel with Satin Binding
(September 2011)

11. Custom Made Laura Ashley Dress
(September 2011)

12. Custom Made Baby Doll Top
(September 2011)

13. Opal Owls
Assisted with piecing. Quilted & Bound.
(October 2011)
14. Opal Owls Matching Pillow
(October 2011)

15. Opal Owls Matching Bag
(October 2011)

16. Birthday Surprise Quilt  (November 2011)
blogged about here and here

17. Stars in Blue (November 2011)
blogged about here and here and finally here

18. Embroidery Fall Pumpkin Dish Towel (November 2011)
blogged about here

19. Musical Table Topper (November 2011)
blogged about here
20. Personalized Train Baby Quilt
Flannel (December 2011)
blogged about here 

21. Quilted and Bound this already pieced quilt top
(December 2011)
blogged about here

22. Winter Twitterings Redwork Embroidery Quilt
Obviously still a WIP
(Began August 2011)
blogged about here

23. Curtain to cover back of 6' Cubby, being used as a room divider
(December 2011)

24. 8-1/2 ' Curtains to cover storage area floor to ceiling.
(December 2011)

25. Framed the main block from  Winter Twitterings
For a White Elephant gift exchange
(Framed December 2011)
blogged about here and here

26. One of Two Big Chunk (6") Pin Cushion
Filled with Crushed Walnut Shells
(December 2011)
blogged about here
27. Second Big Chunk Pin Cushion
Filled with Crushed Walnut Shells
(December 2011)

28. 14 count crayon Roll up.
Made a total of 6
(December 2011)
blogged about here

29. Summer Breeze Trellis
The Next Iron Quilter Challenge (finished 7th place)
For the challenge the border had not yet been added.
(December 2011)
blogged about here and here and here
30. 24 count Crayon Rollup
(January 2012)
blogged about here

31. Customized Baseball T-shirt Quilt
(January 2012)
blogged about here and here

A Few More WIP {Works in Progress} that were all started in the last 10 months.

32. Applique Mini Fall Quilt
(Started August 2011)

33. Grand Central Station Quilt - Pattern by Swirly Girls
Sadly the camera plays tricks with the colors its golds, oranges and deep green
(Started August 2011)

34. Play mat - Hand Quilting around the road, tracks and buildings.
(Started July 2011)

 Wow that's a lot of projects and quilts for 10 months! I enjoyed working on each of them and I love every single one of them! I am greatly blessed to be able to say that I LOVE my career!!!

Praising the Lord!
Little Pink Rose

T-Shirt Quilt

The special ordered T-shirt Quilt is finished and ready to drop in the mail. It's even finished a full week ahead of schedule. Gotta like that!!

Quilt stats:
Made from T-shirt fronts and backs, cut to 12.5" squares. Used "Wonder Under" to attach squares to white muslin.  (Fabric stabilizer will be used on future quilts without any muslin squares).
Due to not having enough T-shirts added to blocks in the middle to personalize and stretch the quilt. 
Borders, sashing & setting squares are Kona cotton.
Backed with White Muslin
Quilting bobbin thread & Top thread match, to avoid having white pokeys popping out on top.
Finished Measurements approx. 58 x 72
Hours to make: 60
Price for this quilt: $250
A special label for a special quilt
Finally came up with a quilt label that wouldn't be too foo-foo for a guys quilt and still have the business logo as a part of it. It's was done with a Print Shop program and then printed on printable fabric with an inkjet printer. I like how it turned out.  What do you think?

Wouldn't a T-shirt quilt make a great graduation gift, a birthday present or a special Christmas gift?
How many T-shirts do you have with special memories attached to them? Why not turn them into a quilt that will be loved and used often?

Prices for T-shirt quilts will vary depending on the number of designs you'd like to include and how many inkjet printed pictures you might want to include.

There's still time to get your quilt ordered and finished before May/June graduations.  Just send me an email at: oneteachingmom@yahoo.com 

Little Pink Rose

January 20, 2012

Stitching Away

Little Pink Rose has had a productive week of sewing.

I was able to finish the {after the fact} additions that I made to my "Next Iron Quilter" entry.  Oh by the way, if you didn't already know, my entry finished in the Top Ten with a 7th place finish!!!

Go here to see the pictures I sent to enter the Challenge. It didn't have a border or even any binding on it yet. Thankfully, this wasn't easily noticeable in the small pictures posted for voting.

Since then, I've added a matching blue border and practiced creating free motion feather stitches all along it.

This backing fabric, full of butterflies, was the inspiration for the butterflies that I quilted over the entire quilt.

I like how the border and feathers give the quilt a feeling of completeness and coziness that just wasn't present before these touches were added.

But, that wasn't the quilt that garnered most of my attention this week. It was a special ordered T-shirt Quilt, with all the T-Shirts being from playing baseball.

Since this is made of all baseball T-shirts, diamonds seemed like the perfect touch for the red inner border.

On the outer border I stitched what would be called piano keys,  except I put them on an angle

The back.

I always a bit fascinated by the back of the quilt. In a unique way, it's its own piece of art. You might be able to tell in this picture that there are several different colors of thread on the back. I know that some quilters always match the bobbin thread to backing fabric {in this case it would have been white}. But, I've found that the white bobbin thread tends to want to poke out and show on the top. To avoid this I've matched the bobbin thread to the top thread.

Just needs some binding. 

 My goal is to finish the binding this weekend and get this in the mail by the first of next week.

The final project of the week was a special ordered 24-slot crayon roll up.

Also spent some time planning some future quilts, but I can't show any of that just yet. Getting excited about the possibilities!!!

Thank you for sharing some of your time with me, hope you were inspired and enjoyed all the pictures.

a.k.a. The Little Pink Rose

January 10, 2012

The Next Iron Quilter {My Entry}

I shared a few weeks that I was working on a quilt to enter into The Next Iron Quilter Competition at Missouri Star Quilt Co. You can see that post here.

The winners are decided by popular vote and I'm asking for your votes. Feel free to share the link with your friends and ask them to vote for my quilt. I greatly appreciate your support!

All you have to do is go to Missouri Star Quilt Company's blog at http://blog.missouriquiltco.com/the-iron-quilter/   and vote for my entry  # 13, by leaving your vote in their comment section.  Once you're on the blog scroll to the end of the Next Iron Quilter post {enjoy all the beautiful quilts along the way}  and click "continue reading" at the end. then the comment box will pop up and you can leave your vote there.

"Summer Breeze Trellis"

Butterflies everywhere

Voting ends at midnight on January 16th and the winner will be announced the 17th. Click this link to vote:  http://littlepinkrosequiltingandsewing.blogspot.com/

Thank you for voting!!!
a.k.a. Little Pink Rose
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