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January 5, 2012

Practice = Improvement

As you already know from my last post I've been practicing these intimidating feathers. There have been points along the way that I had to remind myself of two things.... 1) This is only practice and 2) This is your personal quilt and not a customers, so it's okay if it's not perfect.  There are some places that I'm really tempted to go back and pick out the stitches and do it again.  But, I'm leaning a bit toward leaving it exactly like it is, as a reminder of where I started. It would also serve as a reminder that about what a difference patiently practicing makes. Improvement is easily seen in this practice quilt. If it had been a customers quilt, there would have had to be a lot more practice before starting on the actual quilt and then picking and restitching of stitches in several places.

For this practice quilt I divided the quilt border into four sections to be quilted independently of one another.  This is the first section. With a quick glance it looks okay, but looking a bit closer many mistakes and bobbles can be seen.  First lesson learned.....match the quilting thread to the fabric, little mistakes will be much less visible. Though if you want the stitching to stand out a contrasting thread definitely fits the bill.

Practice section one

In the second section there is marked improvement, but still several areas where I struggled with how the feathers laid against one another. Second lesson learned.....make sure the machine is threaded correctly before beginning to stitch. Improper threading does make ripping out stitches and starting over necessary.

Practice section two
I like the long feathers that fill the entire 3 inch border, but it's obvious in this third section that especially in the concave sections I was struggling to get each one proportioned correctly. The outside section of feathers was stitched second and looked much better than the inside section.....improvement is obvious.
Practice section three
Success!! On this last section I decided to make the feathers just a bit smaller and not try to fill the whole border.  I really like how this section turned out. Patient practice makes a huge difference!!

Last Practice Section

For now I'll continue practicing the longer feathers on paper until I can figure out how to get them to lay together correctly. It's about time to start a new quilt...this time a custom ordered T-Shirt Memory Quilt. I'm already laying it out in my head and looking forward to seeing the finished product.

a.k.a. Little Pink Rose

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