"She seeks wool & flax, And works willingly with her hands" ~ Proverbs 31:13

January 2, 2012

Ringing in the New Year

When I was younger I took acrobatic classes, piano lessons and in high school played the flute. The one commonality in them all is that the teachers demanded that I practice, practice, practice.  As a kid I kind of looked forward to the day when I'd be all grown up and wouldn't have to practice ever again. 

I have to laugh at my childhood wish.....especially since I've spent the last few days ringing in the new year practicing. I've Practicing quilting stitches, some of which intimidate me and I've been practicing speed control while quilting, in an attempt to attain proper thread tension.

Practice piece marked with heat and water soluble ink....all easily removable with a blast of steam.

I'm always amazed at how different the stitching looks once the marks are removed.

During all this practice I've realized that I'm just as much of a perfectionist as I've always been....maybe worse.  And even though this is just a practice piece I was very critical of and unhappy with every mistake along the way.  Time to get back to practicing I will over come these darn feathers that intimidate me so much as well as those pesky thread tension issues. 

a.k.a.  Little Pink Rose


  1. Just wondering if locking in the speed a few notches lower will help with the tension? This way, you can't speed up past a certain point. I have trouble with this as well.....keeping my speed consistent as I free motion.

  2. My biggest trouble is on the curves, straight areas are fine. I've read that the trouble is my hands have the motion down so well that they speed up but my foot isn't speeding up to keep up with my hands, making it my hands that need to slow down instead of the machine. After practicing more today....I am seeing improvement, though still not where I'd like it to be.


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