"She seeks wool & flax, And works willingly with her hands" ~ Proverbs 31:13

August 30, 2012

Quilt Shop Open

Exactly one year ago (Sept. 1st) a good friend's passing suggestion sparked an idea which reignited a passion and long-dismissed dream. Today I'm excited to announce that Little Pink Rose Quilting & Sewing Online Fabric Shop is open for business.  If you'd like to be the first customer hop on over and check it out by clicking the logo below.

Click logo to visit the Shop

 I have a bit of fine tuning to do still, but we are open for business and the Grand Opening Celebrations & Specials will begin Monday, September 3rd.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement throughout this, at times overwhelming process.  I especially want to take this moment to publicly thank my amazing hubby for all his encouragement and excitement to see my dream fulfilled.

Love & Hugs to you all!
Marcia aka

August 25, 2012

Why is the Sky Blue?

There wasn't much sewing or quilting happening this week {which I'll be making up for this week}. But the price of some late nights to come is worth how I was able to spend the last half of the week.

Wednesday morning we left for Ft. Benning, Georgia where our oldest son, Andrew spent his entire summer at Army Basic Training and AIT (Advance Individual Training). 

After a little over 12 hours of driving we arrived at our hotel only to discover that they had seriously overbooked and we didn't have a room. Thankfully they were gracious enough to call around and find a room at another hotel in the area and sent us off with a couple of fresh baked cookies. Which I interpreted as, "Sorry we don't have a room for you, but have a cookie."  

The memory making continued from there. The restroom in our room was a pocket door that had partially come off it's track, but the memory and funny part was that my sweet hubby couldn't get out. There he was peeking out of a little crack in the door and starting to sound a bit worried, "I can't get out! Come help me!"  I have to admit I laughed. I couldn't stop laughing. Seeing him trapped like that just hit as funny. I have to add, he didn't find it one bit funny. Still makes me giggle.

Thursday morning was the first day of why we had made the long drive. It was time for the Turning Blue Ceremony. Andrew had been training for the Infantry and each soldier who completes the Infantry training is given the honor of wearing a blue shoulder cord on their uniforms and Andrew gave Darren the honor of attaching this cord to his uniform.

I loved watching my hubby, deeply honored to be the one chosen to attach the cord.

After the ceremony we had the rest of the day to spend with Andrew, going out to eat, having frozen yogurt, running some errands and catching up. 

My dad was so sweet, he decided several weeks ago that he wanted to come to Georgia for his grandson's graduation.  He wanted Andrew to know that he supported him and was proud of his decision to become a infantryman.

Friday morning was graduation day. The ceremony was held on a parade field that was made of soil brought back from many historic battles of which the U.S. Infantry were a part of.  It was a beautiful day for a graduation!!

All the Graduates

And after 14 grueling weeks of training with 14 of those days battling staph infections our boy had become a man, but not just any man he had become an Infantryman.

Delta Company, 2nd  Battalion, 54th Infantry

3rd Platoon
Andrew is in the last row, second from the left.
After 14 weeks together I suspect these will be life long friends.
3 Generations of Military Service & Honor in the U.S. Army

The Family

Andrew & Me
Andrew with Grandma & Grandpa
Some very proud Grandparents!!
Loving Brothers
Proud to be an Infantryman!
The Infantryman says, "Follow Me"
So the question remains.....Why is the Sky Blue?  Because, God loves the Infantry.
(the color of the Infantry is sky-blue....so God made the sky, blue)

Marcia aka Little Pink Rose

August 20, 2012

WIP - {Super Mario Bros Quilt}

I've joined Cut to Pieces Super Mario Brothers Quilt Along. Here's the progress I've made so far.

Mario Block - finished
each little square is only 1" big.
Luigi - Ready to sew together

I'm always amazed at how different the blocks look once all the pieces
are stitched together. 

Now it's off to hem some pants and alter a dress shirt.


August 13, 2012

Customer Comments

I just received this message and attached photo from a customer and wanted to share.

"The curtains were made by my mom and match the color of the quilt really well. [M____ ] really likes the quilt and said it was worth every penny. One of the best anniversary gifts I have given my wife. Maybe next year I will get her a nice shiny new Mustang GT.

Always thrilled to hear from satisfied customers and I love that the gift to top the quilt I made special for his wife is a Mustang! That says a lot coming from a guy!!!


August 11, 2012

Week in Review

It's been on of those weeks that I'm not sure how to describe.  It's been a good week. It's even been a productive week. Yet I don't "feel" like I accomplished much. So, to combat this, "feeling" I'm doing a blog post just for me....and you all are invited to join me.

This week I worked on:

This months block for Clubhouse (finished)
Pyramid pincushion (finished)
Made using fabric selvages & filled with crushed walnut shells
Designed a new ironing board cover - with little pink roses all over it - LOVE IT!
The old one was so gross, I couldn't bring myself to even take a before picture for comparison.

Created & Hung Design wall in my studio
Once I get my studio painted this will show up better!
Added grommets at the top and hung it from hooks in the wall.

Bridesmaid dress for October Wedding
started and had first fitting ready for a few alterations

Mock-up of Wedding Gown for September Wedding
completed and fitted several design decisions made

Special ordered Cathedral Window Pincushion
Finished & ready for pick-up

Michael's Graduation Quilt
Progress Made (1/2 of the rows stitched together- more of it is on the design wall above)

Graduation Quilt rows piled up and ready to be chain stitched.
"Leaders & Enders" at the right of the machine - using scraps that will be turned into a scrap quilt later

Also  worked on(but there is no photographic evidence for):
  • Quilt Shop Website (went through several how to videos and user manual lessons)
  • Figured Out how to watermark my photos (as seen on the photos above)
  • Updated & Cleaned up this blog
  • Went to Ultrasound appointment (mother nature & I aren't getting along very well)
  • Delivered Andrew's car to the body shop for repairs (my hubby & youngest were re-ended last week. Thankfully only the car had any injuries)
    Accepted several fabric deliveries for the shop (it was like Christmas!!)
  • Ordered Fabric for a Special ordered Mario themed quilt
  • Played with some different ideas for 2 other special ordered quilts
  • Made list of supplies needed from the fabric store for several in progress projects. 
  • Took several more special order requests and appointments for custom sewing & alterations
It was indeed a very productive week!!  That doesn't even take into account the time spent reading books, other blogs, doing research and cooking several meals. Thanks for indulging my need to do a little review....that "feeling" has passed, now I'm off to the studio for a bit more sewing time.


August 7, 2012

Flying Geese

Over the last few months I've been participating in the Swirly Girls Clubhouse at Kelly Anne's Quilting in Warrenton, VA, a wonderful little quilt shop! Where I'm greatly enjoying every bit of time I've spent there getting to know other quilters and learning new skills! Each month we're given a new block to work on and by the end of the Clubhouse we'll have all the blocks needed for a complete quilt.  This month's block contains some flying geese, a technique I've never tried before.

I have to admit that even with all my sewing experience, I was a bit intimidated by the flying geese blocks and the precision that would be needed to get those perfect points. Then after listening to the ladies discuss the different ways of doing flying geese and their struggles with getting those points, I walked away even more intimidated.

Last night I took a deep breath and decided to just go for it, deciding before I ever cut the first piece that whether the points came out right or not, I was going to be content with how it came out. Though I took comfort in the fact that if they turned out really bad, I could always go back to Kelly Anne's and get some more of the fabric and try it again. 

I don't know if it was beginners luck or what but, as I opened up each piece I was pleasantly surprised to find the desired points!!! And I was doing a happy dance!!!

Flying Geese Blocks
For those unfamiliar the flying geese are the 4 units (that look like chevrons)
surrounding the center block.

I suppose we'll discover the next time I do flying geese whether or not it really was just  beginners luck. But, for now I'm reveling in the joy of sweet success!


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