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August 7, 2012

Flying Geese

Over the last few months I've been participating in the Swirly Girls Clubhouse at Kelly Anne's Quilting in Warrenton, VA, a wonderful little quilt shop! Where I'm greatly enjoying every bit of time I've spent there getting to know other quilters and learning new skills! Each month we're given a new block to work on and by the end of the Clubhouse we'll have all the blocks needed for a complete quilt.  This month's block contains some flying geese, a technique I've never tried before.

I have to admit that even with all my sewing experience, I was a bit intimidated by the flying geese blocks and the precision that would be needed to get those perfect points. Then after listening to the ladies discuss the different ways of doing flying geese and their struggles with getting those points, I walked away even more intimidated.

Last night I took a deep breath and decided to just go for it, deciding before I ever cut the first piece that whether the points came out right or not, I was going to be content with how it came out. Though I took comfort in the fact that if they turned out really bad, I could always go back to Kelly Anne's and get some more of the fabric and try it again. 

I don't know if it was beginners luck or what but, as I opened up each piece I was pleasantly surprised to find the desired points!!! And I was doing a happy dance!!!

Flying Geese Blocks
For those unfamiliar the flying geese are the 4 units (that look like chevrons)
surrounding the center block.

I suppose we'll discover the next time I do flying geese whether or not it really was just  beginners luck. But, for now I'm reveling in the joy of sweet success!


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