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August 25, 2012

Why is the Sky Blue?

There wasn't much sewing or quilting happening this week {which I'll be making up for this week}. But the price of some late nights to come is worth how I was able to spend the last half of the week.

Wednesday morning we left for Ft. Benning, Georgia where our oldest son, Andrew spent his entire summer at Army Basic Training and AIT (Advance Individual Training). 

After a little over 12 hours of driving we arrived at our hotel only to discover that they had seriously overbooked and we didn't have a room. Thankfully they were gracious enough to call around and find a room at another hotel in the area and sent us off with a couple of fresh baked cookies. Which I interpreted as, "Sorry we don't have a room for you, but have a cookie."  

The memory making continued from there. The restroom in our room was a pocket door that had partially come off it's track, but the memory and funny part was that my sweet hubby couldn't get out. There he was peeking out of a little crack in the door and starting to sound a bit worried, "I can't get out! Come help me!"  I have to admit I laughed. I couldn't stop laughing. Seeing him trapped like that just hit as funny. I have to add, he didn't find it one bit funny. Still makes me giggle.

Thursday morning was the first day of why we had made the long drive. It was time for the Turning Blue Ceremony. Andrew had been training for the Infantry and each soldier who completes the Infantry training is given the honor of wearing a blue shoulder cord on their uniforms and Andrew gave Darren the honor of attaching this cord to his uniform.

I loved watching my hubby, deeply honored to be the one chosen to attach the cord.

After the ceremony we had the rest of the day to spend with Andrew, going out to eat, having frozen yogurt, running some errands and catching up. 

My dad was so sweet, he decided several weeks ago that he wanted to come to Georgia for his grandson's graduation.  He wanted Andrew to know that he supported him and was proud of his decision to become a infantryman.

Friday morning was graduation day. The ceremony was held on a parade field that was made of soil brought back from many historic battles of which the U.S. Infantry were a part of.  It was a beautiful day for a graduation!!

All the Graduates

And after 14 grueling weeks of training with 14 of those days battling staph infections our boy had become a man, but not just any man he had become an Infantryman.

Delta Company, 2nd  Battalion, 54th Infantry

3rd Platoon
Andrew is in the last row, second from the left.
After 14 weeks together I suspect these will be life long friends.
3 Generations of Military Service & Honor in the U.S. Army

The Family

Andrew & Me
Andrew with Grandma & Grandpa
Some very proud Grandparents!!
Loving Brothers
Proud to be an Infantryman!
The Infantryman says, "Follow Me"
So the question remains.....Why is the Sky Blue?  Because, God loves the Infantry.
(the color of the Infantry is sky-blue....so God made the sky, blue)

Marcia aka Little Pink Rose

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  1. Great. My brother was an Infantryman also. He was at the University of Dayton in ROTC and I remember his graduation and Commissioning well. We were all so proud of him. Then, God Bless him, he gave his life for his country. Impray your son stays safe and well. Best of everything to your family. Mariana


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