"She seeks wool & flax, And works willingly with her hands" ~ Proverbs 31:13

July 26, 2012

One Last Graduation Quilt {nine-patch chain quilt} WIP

After much harassing from my youngest, I've finally carved out some time to work on and hopefully finish his Graduation Quilt.

You've heard the ole saying about the cobblers kids going barefoot, because he's too busy making shoes for everyone else......well, I have to admit that I'm guilty of neglecting my immediate family in the quilt arena. 

I had good intentions, but good intentions only get you so far.

Here's where it got me......

He's laughing here because I told him that this was as big as his quilt was going to be.

 ....an unfinished quilt. On the day of his graduation I was only able to present him with a tiny sample of his quilt. So much for good intentions. At least he was amused by my tiny quilt presentation.

But there is still hope! And after a not so small change at the request of the recipient,  progress is being made. 

In total I need 361 of these nine-patch blocks.....I have 23 completed


Originally I had cut all 324 (3-1/8") squares from Kona white....this was the change Michael requested, he didn't like all that white and asked if I could change these to black, "Of course I can son, I aim to please!!"

 There are now 36 black swirl blocks cut and ready, only 288 more to cut....

Then there's the Kona white Triangles, the plan is to leave these in white. My hope is they'll act as a nice frame around the quilt.

Bring those three pieces together and here's a peak at what you have. It looses the chain affect, but I think it still has a nice look. See the rack in the top, left corner of the pic? those are all the strips waiting to become tiny (3-1/8") nine-patch blocks.

This week I've also added a wedding gown and a bridesmaid dress to my upcoming schedule, I'm going to have to be very intentional and purposeful with every bit of my time from now until mid-September when all three projects must to be finished.  I know I'll be busy, but I like being able to work with a purpose!

Be Creative!

July 18, 2012

Painting {Today's WIP}

No sewing or quilting of any kind going on today. I'm already experiencing withdrawals.....
But, I am excited about what is happening. After living here for over a year we are finally painting these stark white {insert painted with nasty contractor grade paint}. YUCK!   We'll finally be living in color!!!

The first room to be tackled is the old piano parlor {LOL!}.  This is where I'll be setting up a customer consultation area for custom sewing, as well as the online shop. The bonus is that anyone in the Virginia area will actually be able to shop in person if they would like to. The piano will eventually be moved out, but it's so heavy my guys want me to pick it's permanent home before they move it again. They refuse to move it more than once. 

I was going to give away the piano, but when the first taker changed their mind, we decided to keep it and use it as a display fixture in the shop. So, the guys will actually have to move it again when we move to a retail store front.  {Shhhhhhhh...... don't tell the guys, we'll just keep that little tidbit a secret for now.}

Future & first home of Little Pink Rose Quilting & Sewing
Ready to begin painting
We've filled the nail holes, taped all the trim, covered the wood floors.....I think we're ready to start applying actual paint.

I'll be back with pictures of the changes later. 

Have a great day!!

July 17, 2012

A Quilted Finish {For God & Country}

It is finished!!! I absolutely LOVE those words, not only do they draw my heart back to Christ's words on the cross, but they express that sense of accomplishment I feel every time I'm able to declare that a quilt is finished.

This particular quilt was created as a gift for some very special friends who are moving to the Midwest as the follow the call of the Lord on their lives. We have shared life together in this crazy Northern Virginia/DC area for several years now and I wouldn't trade that experience for anything.  I have to laugh when I think about how we both ended up moving here after making the declaration that we would never live here. I am thankful that we were brought together and I meet a friend who has touched my life and blessed me in ways that I know we will be long time friends even over such a long distance.

As my dear friend leaves with her husband to begin a new chapter in their lives, we presented them with this special quilt:

For God & Country
The quilt and it's name are representative of this special couples life of faith and patriotism. A cross is both pieced and quilted into the center of each block to represent their faith and the colors of red, white and blue in conjunction with the patriotic motifs throughout the quilt represent their many years of service in the United States Coast Guard.

The one thing I would do differently is to be more strategic about the placement of the
eagles and actually fussy cut these squares.

The back of the quilt highlights my friends favorite color and her favorite
stitches found on the quilts I've made, stippling and feathers.

My helper telling me his arms are tired from holding the quilt up so long.
I think what he really wants to tell me is to stop taking so many pictures!

One of my favorite parts of giving a quilt is.....
The recipients genuine reaction...overflowing with excitement,  joy and appreciation.
I'll smile every time I look at this picture, knowing that our dear friends are truly enjoying using their quilt!

{{{HUGS}}} & Happy Quilting,

July 10, 2012

For God & Country {In Progress}

"For God & Country" is coming along pretty well. I don't have as much finished as I'd like to have at this point, but I'm pleased with where I'm at with it. The blocks are all quilted and all that's left to quilt are the sashing strips and the setting blocks.

Sashing strips will be quilted with feathers in variegated blue.
Each center block creates a cross which is outline quilted to highlight the cross.
The stippling is again used to help the crosses jump out of each more.
Had to take a break from quilting to prepare supper for the family.
Red Velvet & Chocolate pancakes were on the menu tonight.

Happy Sewing,

July 6, 2012

Cathedral Window Pincushions

While working on a couple of special orders for Cathedral Window Pincushions, I couldn't resist experimenting with some different combinations of fabric.

Starting with a variety of fabric choices....

Did some fabric folding....

And ended up with some cute pincushions....

Aqua - Special Order


Dragon Fly

Aqua - Special order with flower button

Doodles with Pink Button

Black & White with Pink & Green

These are all filled with crushed walnut shells, giving the perfect weight for a pincushion that won't go rolling way when used.  The tutorial for this pincushion can be found at:  My Go-Go Life

Happy Sewing, 

July 3, 2012

"For God & Country" {WIP}

Patriotic Blocks
This week I'm working on a very special quilt. It's called "For God & Country" and is done in patriotic red, white and blue. Most of the fabric I'm using is from Windham Fabrics "Honor & Glory" by Whistler Studios, the rest is a variety of fabrics from my personal stash.

July 2, 2012

Mission Trip Week

There was no quilting or sewing happening around here last week, but that's okay it was for a good reason. 

Last week was Mission Trip week for our church. We left Northern Virginia early Friday morning for two days of driving to arrive in Joplin, MO late Saturday afternoon. Friday evening, Southland Baptist Temple of Paducah, KY opened up their cabin to us for a nights rest before continuing on our way to Missouri. Once in Joplin, Fellowship Baptist Church opened up their doors to provide a facility for us to stay in and use of their kitchen for the week.

It was truly a week of hard work and many blessings. Like most of the country Joplin was experiencing temps over 100 degrees all week, making our work even harder, but still worth every bit of effort.

Sunday we attended Worship Services at Fellowship and were greatly blessed to spend the morning with such genuinely caring people! Of course being so close to Lambert's Cafe - Home of the Throwed Roll in Ozark, MO we had to make the drive to enjoy a wonderful meal and catch some rolls. I thoroughly enjoy myself and the meal every time I've been there!! If you're ever in the Springfield/Branson, MO area or anywhere close, it's well worth the drive and the wait!!!

Monday we dove right into the mission work. We meet a man who had purchased one of the homes that had been damaged by the tornado that had hit Joplin just over a year ago. He is refurbishing the home to donate it for use as a transitional home to a program that works with homeless men helping them to move from jobless/homelessness to employed with a home of their own. Our assignment for the day was to gut several rooms and cut down over grown bushes around the property.

We gutted several rooms that were rain damaged due to the tornado damaged roof (which had been replaced by the new owner). The guys gave me a handsaw to remove the bush to the right of the front door.

Paneling removed and working on removing  the ceiling & insulation.

The Team

Monday was the first of our hot days of work with a high of 103 degrees.  We finished the job hot, dirty and exhausted, but full of joy that we were able to meet a need.

Tuesday we were assigned to an older could who had rebuilt their home after the tornado. The husband had just had knee replacement surgery a few days before our arrival and they needed some help with their yard work. We went to work trimming around walks and buildings, weeding and mulching their tomato plants, roses, trees and flower beds. They were an absolutely sweet couple, who made helping them a complete pleasure!!

Most of the Team with the homeowner
Wednesday & Thursday we spent working on the property of a man who had spent the last year helping others Joplin recover from the tornado damage, instead of focusing on himself. We cleared out trees and brush from several areas around the property and had a great time serving the Lord!!
For this job sight I was handed a pair of ratcheted loppers and the work went much faster!! The guys had chain saws and chop saws (big boy toys) and were heaven cutting down trees.

During our second day of work at this location, I had disturbed a nest of bees and wasn't too enthused about cutting the brush on the opposite side of the shed where the bees were. But, after some teasing and light-hearted ribbing, I thought at least I could check it out see if the bees and calmed down enough for me to trim some of the brush.  It was one of those decisions that truly paid off.  I pulled aside the limb I was about to cut and there in the dirt and weeds was an old Singer sewing machine. I dug it out of the weeds and set aside thinking I'd ask the owner if I could buy it from him. Going back and trimming off another limb I discovered another sewing machine in the dirt, dug it out and found another. In all there were 5 old sewing machines (3 Singers, 1 Dressmaker and 1 unidentifiable).  I couldn't believe the treasure trove I had run across! Yes, they had been in the dirt and were rusty,  but I didn't care. I could clean them up and they would make great decorations for my future quilt shop.

When I asked the owner if I could buy all 5 machines from him, he said that he was just headed to the dumb with them and I could just have them, if I wanted them. Of course I wanted them!!

My Mission Trip Treasure Trove
Old sewing machines, waiting to be cleaned up and possibly restored.

Every day of our time in Joplin was over 100 degrees making for some very hot, sweaty work. I pray that the little we were able to accomplish made a difference for those we worked for. I pray that lives were impacted in ways that we may never know about.  To God be the Glory!!!


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