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July 18, 2012

Painting {Today's WIP}

No sewing or quilting of any kind going on today. I'm already experiencing withdrawals.....
But, I am excited about what is happening. After living here for over a year we are finally painting these stark white {insert painted with nasty contractor grade paint}. YUCK!   We'll finally be living in color!!!

The first room to be tackled is the old piano parlor {LOL!}.  This is where I'll be setting up a customer consultation area for custom sewing, as well as the online shop. The bonus is that anyone in the Virginia area will actually be able to shop in person if they would like to. The piano will eventually be moved out, but it's so heavy my guys want me to pick it's permanent home before they move it again. They refuse to move it more than once. 

I was going to give away the piano, but when the first taker changed their mind, we decided to keep it and use it as a display fixture in the shop. So, the guys will actually have to move it again when we move to a retail store front.  {Shhhhhhhh...... don't tell the guys, we'll just keep that little tidbit a secret for now.}

Future & first home of Little Pink Rose Quilting & Sewing
Ready to begin painting
We've filled the nail holes, taped all the trim, covered the wood floors.....I think we're ready to start applying actual paint.

I'll be back with pictures of the changes later. 

Have a great day!!


  1. Have fun creating good color in the place! I've noticed many quilters just can't stand bland contractor walls. :D

  2. Hi LynCC!

    So far things are going pretty well! You're right about the bland contractor walls. I wouldn't mind the walls being white, if the paint was a better quality....If I just look like I'm going to touch the wall there's a mark on it. Thankfully I have a great helper, making the job go much quicker!!


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