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July 26, 2012

One Last Graduation Quilt {nine-patch chain quilt} WIP

After much harassing from my youngest, I've finally carved out some time to work on and hopefully finish his Graduation Quilt.

You've heard the ole saying about the cobblers kids going barefoot, because he's too busy making shoes for everyone else......well, I have to admit that I'm guilty of neglecting my immediate family in the quilt arena. 

I had good intentions, but good intentions only get you so far.

Here's where it got me......

He's laughing here because I told him that this was as big as his quilt was going to be.

 ....an unfinished quilt. On the day of his graduation I was only able to present him with a tiny sample of his quilt. So much for good intentions. At least he was amused by my tiny quilt presentation.

But there is still hope! And after a not so small change at the request of the recipient,  progress is being made. 

In total I need 361 of these nine-patch blocks.....I have 23 completed


Originally I had cut all 324 (3-1/8") squares from Kona white....this was the change Michael requested, he didn't like all that white and asked if I could change these to black, "Of course I can son, I aim to please!!"

 There are now 36 black swirl blocks cut and ready, only 288 more to cut....

Then there's the Kona white Triangles, the plan is to leave these in white. My hope is they'll act as a nice frame around the quilt.

Bring those three pieces together and here's a peak at what you have. It looses the chain affect, but I think it still has a nice look. See the rack in the top, left corner of the pic? those are all the strips waiting to become tiny (3-1/8") nine-patch blocks.

This week I've also added a wedding gown and a bridesmaid dress to my upcoming schedule, I'm going to have to be very intentional and purposeful with every bit of my time from now until mid-September when all three projects must to be finished.  I know I'll be busy, but I like being able to work with a purpose!

Be Creative!

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