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January 6, 2012

A Chunck of a Pincushion

For as long as I've been sewing I've had these little tomato pincushions. There's this love hate relationship that I have with them. Pincushions are very helpful while sewing, but all the ones I've ever had or seen have been so light weight that I end up chasing them around the sewing room.

Tiny & pathetic tomato pin-cushion
With the lightest bump away they go. Then I was inspired....first by the cutest little chicken pincushion I stumbled across in a local quilt shop. Not only was it adorable, it had the weight I've been yearning for, it was filled with crushed walnut shells.  I snatched up a pattern to make an adorable chicken for my own sewing room. It still sits in my to-do pile.

But a few weeks ago,  this blog post from A Girl In Paradise came across my desk.  With just a couple of hours maybe less, I whipped together this chunk of a pin-cushion filled with walnut shells. 

The Chunk

Almost 2" thick

Big Chunk vs. tiny tomato
It's obvious who's winning this battle
I can already tell that there will be no hate for this pincushion, there's only lots and lots of love.  So quick, so easy and so very, very useful!!! Love it!!

a.k.a. Little Pink Rose


  1. Thanks Christy! I LOVE it!!!

  2. Aack! This is my third attempt to comment. I love African internet. That's really cute! I should make one for myself. I have one of those dinky tomatoes too. They don't hold enough pins for a big project and my cats think mine is their little personal soccer ball. No walnut shells here. Nothing but sand. Suggestions?

  3. Nancy
    I've read of people using sand in their pincushions. I think the only thing you'd want to do is make sure that it's clean sand and it should work just fine.

  4. Hi Marcia! Super cute pincushion! Love the fabric. I've heard sand keeps the pins sharp...where do you get walnut shells? I just discovered your blog, and I'm now a follower! Have a great day! Deanna

  5. Hi Deanna,

    Welcome to Little Pink Rose, I'm so honored that you're following my blog!!
    I found two sources for crushed walnut shells at Petsmart, in their lizard area.......it's used for lizard bedding. It was a 10 qt. bag for about $5.

    I had also found a small bag at Bird Brain Designs: http://www.birdbraindesigns.net/
    It was a smaller bag for $3. These shells weren't crushed quite as small as the ones from the pet store, I liked these much more.

  6. Have you ever opened up an old pincushion? Since you have such a lovely new one, why not empty out that old tomato? You will be amazed at how many needles you will find embedded inside. I once found something like 53 lost needles inside one of mine.

    As for weight in a pincushion, you might try using a handfull of BBs or a few pennies in the bottom to add weight. That's what I've used before finding the crushed walnut shells. BTW did you know that there is a yahoo group just for those of us who love, make and collect pincushions. You can find it at

    Doro in TX

    1. Opps, that website is not correct. Try this one: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/crazyaboutpincushions/


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