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December 13, 2011

Redwork Embroidery Quilt

Since July I've been diligently working on the embroidery for a Redwork Embroidery Winter quilt. All along thinking I had plenty of time to have it completely finished before Christmas. I'm oh so close, but since it's for me and not a customer, the finishing will have to wait until I have some free time.

I was able to finish all the embroidery work, leaving me to do all the piecing, and quilting. Which once I have time, really won't take a terrible amount of time. Especially if I choose to machine quilt it over hand-quilting. At the moment though, I'm still playing with the idea of hand-quilting this one. There's a part of me that can see the special touch hand-quilting might add to this particular quilt.  The finished size should be 36"x44".

The pattern is called "Redwork: Winter Twitterings" by Pearl Louise Krush. There are the cutest little birds in every design tying it all together.

Birds & Twigs
Bird & Pinecone
Birds on Chalet  & Bird with Birdhouse on Table
When stitching the Christmas tree the garland that the birds were placing around it disappeared into the snow of the tree and wasn't even noticeable. I thought a gold metallic thread would help it be distinguishable as garland. In the end the gold added a touch of class that elevates the piece.  This would be one of my favorite blocks in this quilt...though I really like them all.

Winter Tree  and Candle
Bird Cage and Wreath
My new goal is to finish this by Christmas next year.   What WIP (Works in Progress) do you have that you've had to be adjusted your completion goal? Or do you work on one project until it's completed before starting another project?

Merry CHRISTmas
and Happy Stitching,
Marcia ~ The Little Pink Rose


  1. I love red work! I especially like how you used the winter theme here. It would be absolutely lovely with hand quilting, but it takes so long. I've adapted a new philosophy that it's better to have one finished project than three partially done ones. I made a full-sized quilt with the goal to be done in one month. It ended up taking three, but I was still proud to get it done. I used a big pattern and machine quilting to speed it along.

  2. I love it, it's just stunning. I might have to devote some time next year doing something similar. Thanks so much for writing about it.
    (Here from sewmanyways bloghop)


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