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December 11, 2011

A New Favorite

 UPDATE/CAUTION:  Since I originally made this post, I have discovered a couple of things about this pen that I wish I had been aware of before using it. 

First, the ink from this pen can NOT be permanently removed. When it gets cold (i.e. stored in a cold room, sent through the mail in the winter, kept in a cold car, etc.) every single one of the marks will reappear. They can be removed again with a blast of steam from a steam iron, but that's not always convenient.

Secondly,  on dark fabrics it leaves a white line that will NOT disappear.  Thankfully I discovered this on a test piece, before marking a dark quilt. 

I still like how this pen works, but with the careful consideration that must be taken before using it on a project, I'm not as in love with it as I once was. 

I have discovered the most amazing tool, destined to be an absolute favorite in my sewing room. A tool I'll insist on always having plenty of on hand. This is a "must have" marking pen. A pen that every seamstress/quilter should not be without, is Pilot's Frixion pen.

The Pilot Fixion pen, is a ball point gel pen.
The Fixion pen makes nice, bold marks that are easily seen.
I used a ruler to mark some nice straight lines for quilting.
 The Frixion pen is totally removable with friction. It even comes with a little rubber tip to rub out all the marks. Though I discovered something divinely, wonderful for every sewer........

With just a blast of steam and no rubbing/friction whatsoever
Every mark is completely & magically gone!
 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this pen!!!!! Without a hesitation I'll be keeping these pens in stock in my sewing room and grabbing it before any other removable ink pen available to me! If you haven't tried these pens, pick some up next time you're at Staples or order some online at Missouri Star Quilt Co.  If you haven't figured it out yet, I HIGHLY recommend these pens!

Happy Stitching,
Marcia - The Little Pink Rose

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