"She seeks wool & flax, And works willingly with her hands" ~ Proverbs 31:13

December 12, 2011


My Favorite ornament!! Even Santa bows down to Christ as Lord!! 
Christmas is my absolute favorite Holiday (Holy Day) Season! I love; the decorations, the music, the food and the smells. But most of all I love the reason for the season.....the birth of Christ! Christ, who came to earth to die at the perfect time for our sins. That those who would put their faith in Him, making Him their Lord and Savior and accepting the gift of Salvation would be washed clean from their sins. That they would be able to stand before God and be accepted. Accepted only because they knew His Son.  I pray that today, you have accepted Christ as Lord & Savior of your life and are able to celebrate His birth with real JOY!

Let us adore Him! Another favorite.
Today my almost grown-up "Little Man" and I put up our Christmas Tree and unpacked all the ornaments. He took on the task of  meticulously placing our myriad of ornaments on our tree. While I watched him decorating and being such a huge help, I contemplated his coming graduation and how quickly he'll be off on his own, in his own home, with his own family, decorating their own tree. I wonder if he'll come over and help 'ole mom put her tree up?

I cross-stitched this ornament....love the snowman
When we pulled our tree out of it's bag, it smelled like dust. UGH! One of the few disadvantages of using an artificial tree, I don't get the smell that comes with a fresh pine tree. But for me that disadvantage is worth it, since I won't have to deal with the dry, sharp needles all over the house or try to figure out how to get rid of an old dried-up tree in January. But, that's just how I am at home. I'll come to your house and greatly enjoy your freshly cut tree with great pleasure!

Another of my cross-stitched ornaments...this with a Christmas tree. LOVE!
After seeing this last picture, I realized just how badly I need to get some curtains made and hung up. Those poor windows are looking pretty bare and kind of pathetic. Another project for my to-do list.

Merry CHRISTmas
and Happy Stitching,
Marcia ~ The Little Pink Rose

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  1. I can relate to wanting to get curtains up! We've been here a year and I've only gotten our bedrooms done, not the living/dining room, kitchen, bathroom or spare room. This house was built for hot weather with 15 foot ceilings and lots of big windows that take 9-12 yards a piece to make curtains so I just haven't gotten it all done. Post a photo when you get yours done!


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