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December 19, 2011

Sewing Studio Redo

After a fabulous Sunday morning spent with our church family, I had an extremely productive afternoon. I've been wanting to do some reorganizing in my sewing room/studio to make it a more usable and efficient. I wanted to paint as well, but had to accept that I just didn't have time for that.  Unfortunately I didn't think to take before pictures, until I was finished cleaning, purging and rearranging. 
Cutting & Sewing Area
 I Love this table. It was my Great-Aunt Ella's kitchen table and it makes the best sewing table. Since it's metal I can pin directly on the table and not have to worry about putting pin gouges in it.  It also makes a great sewing table for my machine, giving me lots of area to support quilts & dresses while sewing and quilting. 
An Entire bookcase "aka fabric-case" of fabric and pressing area.
 To the left of the "Fabric-case" is the most amazing thread rack I've ever seen. I don't know who actually made it. I received it as a gift from a friend I worked for as a seamstress. The pegs are removable and each shelf tilts forward, making for easy accessibility. There's a handle on top, making it portable and it's wide enough it can be free-standing or it be hung with brackets on the back. Wish so much I knew someone who could make me another one just like it!

Second sewing area with the Serger and Back-up Machine.
A second bookcase fit perfectly on the other side of the window and makes a great place for notions, supplies and pattern storage.

Computer/Office area
 Took the old bulletin board and wrapped it in "Make Do and Mend" fabric by Michele D'Amore. Love this fabric! It was so easy to cover. First I popped off the hangers, then laid the old bulletin board on the fabric as a pattern. Cut the fabric big enough to reach around the edges to the back. Pinned the fabric on the front to keep it straight, flipped it over, pulled it taught and stapled it to the back. Reattached the hangers and hung it up.

Just above the doors inside the sewing studio, I put a very special drawing that my dear friend, Becky created in memory of my little Matthew, who left us much too early in life.

The new set-up is great! Much less frustration and a whole lot of fun to sew in now.  Now I just need to get an area rug, make some curtains and a new ironing board cover and I'll be sewing away in bliss.  I'd be in heaven if I could just find some time to put some paint on the walls. I'm thinking something in a light sage green would be nice. 

Well, it's time to get back to the machine....today I'm finishing up curtains for the church.

Merry Christmas and Happy Sewing,
Marcia ~ The Little Pink Rose


  1. Once I was there!

  2. Very pretty and so light! What I wouldn't give for windows where I sew.

  3. I like your set up, that cute wall hanging and that pretty machine that is sitting on your great aunt's kitchen table:)


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