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December 4, 2011

A Special Baby Blanket

This order all started with just a quilt top received as a baby gift that needed to be quilted.  From there the question came, "My youngest doesn't have a special baby blanket of his own, could you make one for him?" Of course, I'll say yes to most any request for a quilt, for me it's the perfect excuse to spend even more time sewing and piecing a quilt. Then there's the added benefit of getting paid to do it, that's just the icing on the cake for a seamstress/quilter. As soon as I saw the brother's quilt, I knew right where to turn, Sew Scrappy Vol. 2. I knew the quilt, "Rhymes with Baby" I had seen when browsing through it would be perfect for this request.
The Inspirational Source

The Inspiration Pattern
 Then it was off to shop for fabric, with a few ideas in mind, I decided to go with a train theme all in flannel.

Vibrant, Beautiful Fabric
The progression of a quilt is an amazing and beautiful thing.  It all starts as just  a pile of yards and yards of fabric that's cut into much smaller pieces, manipulated into different shapes and sequences all in the hopes of making something beautiful.

For the center piece I used Print Shop on my computer and then printed the design on printable fabric with an inkjet printer. After allowing it to dry completely I used a dry iron to "set" the ink into fabric.
Then trimmed the printable fabric to a square and added a border to make the block the same size as the other blocks
Looking good so far.
 After adding the sashing strips between the blocks, I sat back in satisfaction at the life these pieces seemed to add. At this point I absolutely LOVED how this was turning out!

 Then I added the train border.........and I have to admit, I didn't like it as much anymore. It was still okay, but I thought it was so much better before the border was added. But I forged ahead, deciding that I'm my own worst critic and others will love it, especially if I keep my dissatisfaction to myself (so much for that).

 Next came the quilting. It took me quite awhile to decide how to do the quilting, in the end I decided to go with part of the same quilting pattern that the original inspiration piece had. I have no idea what it's called, but I like how it turned out.

Almost finished.

The back.
Lastly came the final step of adding the binding. This simple step completely changed the personality of the quilt. I just shook my head, amazed at what a difference something so simple (and seemingly small) made.


LOVE what the red binding did! 
Here's the reveal of my brand new label.

Happy Sewing,
Marcia - The Little Pink Rose

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  1. I can't wait until I am a 1/3 this good at quilting. Great job.


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