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December 21, 2011

Little Pink Roses

Have you ever experienced those times when you find just the right gift to bless someone you love and once you've gotten everything prepared it's almost impossible to wait for the right time to give the gift.

I was the recipient of just such a gift from my sweet husband.

Last night he suddenly remembered something and started digging through his bag, obviously in search of something...almost as though he'd lost or forgotten something of importance.

With excited satisfaction I hear him exclaim, "A ha!" while pulling something out of his bag.

By now I'm watching him with some interest, wondering if he's okay and inquire about his state.

He smiles for a quick moment and then launches into an excited explanation and inquiry, "It's your stocking stuffer! Do you want it now or do you want to wait until Christmas?"

Considering his excitement I reply, "I can wait until Christmas, but if you want to give it to me now, you can."

Jumping out of his seat, "Good!" " I don't want to wait!!"

Grabbing a decorative Christmas tin, he quickly drops it in to "wrap" it up and presents it to me with great pleasure and excitement.

I was quite intrigued. Wondering what in the world could have him so excited.

Opening the tin I find the most exquisitely, beautiful bracelet, adorned with the tiniest little pink roses I have ever seen.

Upon his request the jewelry designer created this special bracelet with "Little Pink Roses" just for me and in honor of all that "Little Pink Rose" means in my life. 

It will always be a reminder of my Granny and her beloved nickname for me. Upon arrival to her home I would often hear, "Ahhhh, there's my little pink rose."   Makes my heart melt just thinking about her deep love for me.  It was in honor of her that I named my custom sewing & alterations business, Little Pink Rose Quilting and Sewing.  There are days I wish that she was still with us, living life to the fullest and inspiring all those around her.

I am humbled and  greatly blessed to have such a wonderful and thoughtful husband!!  I continually marvel that the Lord chose to bless me with such an amazing man, a man I definitely do not deserve. Thank you Sweetheart, I love you!

Merry Christmas
Marcia ~ The Little Pink Rose

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