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September 11, 2012

Wedding Gown with a Story

If you have ever watched Hee Haw {back in the day} you've heard this song...

 Click photo link to hear  the song

It's the song that has been running through my head since last Thursday.  Have time for a little story.....

There I was busily working along on this beautiful wedding gown, making the last preparations for a fitting the next and things were coming along beautifully. Then it happened, I decided it was time to remove my "Water Soluble" tracing paper marks.  Pulled out my tiny little spray bottle and started gently blotting at the marks. 

Now, I have to pause here to tell you that I have used this particular tracing paper for years and never {I repeat....NEVER} had any trouble with it!!! Having all this history with this particular paper, I dismissed the fleeting thought of doing a test on a piece of scrap fabric.

This particular tracing paper has five color choices {red, blue, charcoal, yellow & white}. Concluding that the red, blue and charcoal were all too dark for such a delicate fabric and white was just too light to be able to see the marks I pulled the yellow from the package and marked every dot, dart, pleat and fold that I would need.  Keep in mind that this paper is not the traditional wax tracing paper, it is water soluble and can be ironed over without being permanently set.

So, where was I..........

Oh yes, I was spraying water and gently blotting the marks, fully expecting them to disappear, just like every other time I've done this.  And to my dismay the little yellow spot was growing.  With my heart in my throat, my dismay was quickly moving to panic.  Since the fabric is washable my last resort was to pull out my Shout bottle. I  sprayed it down and let it soak. All to no avail.

That darn spot was still there and seemed to have grown and of course the other marks near it were now showing as well. {I needed The Cat in the Hat}!

There was nothing left to do but accept defeat. I had to start over. But, first I had to let the bride know about what had happened and reschedule her fitting. There was no way I could re-do a months worth of work in less than 24 hrs.  I have to say that I LOVE this bride, she was so sweet and understanding!! Now keep in mind she is not the typical bride....her wedding was just 2 weeks away when I'm telling her that I have to start over. I think most brides would have freaked, but not Cindi!

Off to the fabric store I head, praying all the way that they had more of the fabric I so desperately needed. Praise the Lord they did!!

In addition to the one ruined piece, there were several pieces that needed re-cut since I had used the same yellow marks on them and the chances they wouldn't have the same reaction was zilch!!

In the end I spent my weekend re-cutting and re-constructing an almost finished gown, all the while singing.....

Gloom, Despair, Agony on Me
Deep dark depression, excessive misery
If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all
Gloom, Despair, Agony on Me

Thankfully there is a happy ending..... this afternoon the beautiful {and very patient} bride came for a fitting and the new gown fits beautifully!!! Now for the finishing touches and she's all ready for her wedding next weekend. Praise the Lord for happy endings!!!

New Gown - Almost finished

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Happy Sewing & Many Blessings,

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  1. What a panic! So glad you were able to find the fabric and have a fantastic bride to work with. It looks beautiful!
    The video clip made me laugh. I remember watching that show when I was growing up. :)


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