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September 18, 2012

Today is my Birthday ~ Come Celebrate with me

 Happy Birthday to me, 
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me, 
Happy Birthday to me! 

This is what I'll wake up singing to myself.  Which will take me back to thoughts of the little church where I grew up. They sang their own version of Happy Birthday for your birthday and the birthday person would put the same number of pennies in the little wooden bowl as their age.  I LOVED those days and greatly miss that little church!! They still sing their own version of the birthday song for the birthday person....

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday and God Bless you,
Happy Birthday to you! 

Later in the day my oldest, who's off at college will text me happy birthday wishes....well that is if he remembers {You know how kids can be}. Then there's my youngest, {who will be leaving home in just 12 days...wooohoooo!!}.  He'll take advantage of needing to go birthday shopping as an excuse to get out of the house and go for a drive. He's really kind of cute about it all. 

Then there dear, sweet hubby....he was so excited about my birthday that he has already celebrated, took me to dinner at Red Lobster last week and gave me new jewelry he had picked out {with a little help from the women in his office....thank you ladies!}. He'll find it necessary to wake me up before he leaves for work at o-dark-thirty....I'm not sure the sun is even up yet when he leaves, to wish me a happy birthday.  He's so thoughtful and sweet!!  Okay I am being  a little sarcastic....he is very sweet, yet at the same time I wouldn't mind being left to sleep a little longer.  {Hi Honey, if you're reading this....I LOVE YOU!!}  

After he leaves for work, I'll sleep a bit longer and once I'm up for the day, I'll spend the rest of my day in my happy place.......my sewing studio. There is no where else I'd rather spend a day, yes even my birthday!! 

Oh, and then there's my parents who always call and sing happy birthday over the phone to me.  LOVE IT!!!

I've been thinking about gifts for my birthday....I love gifts! I love getting gifts, but I LOVE giving gifts even more!!! So, I've decided that to celebrate this birthday I'm giving all of my fans, customers and friends the gift of savings. But not just for one day for a full 5 days plus a bonus pre-birthday addition of the rest of tonight.

Stop by our little online shop,  www.littlepinkrose.com and open your gift of savings.  

My Birthday prayer today is that each of you experience the blessings of the Lord God being poured down on you!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Oh I love birthdays too. Just makes me so happy inside and out. One of the last churches my dad served as pastor did the pennies in a jar for each year on everyone's birthday. Four of us in the family are all in October and so when we'd get together for our Birthday Bash we'd have a LOT of pennies on that Sunday. Now I'm off to look at all the "gifts" available.

  2. How fun to have everyone's birthday's in the same month, that has got to be a blast!! It was always a lot of fun to watch those trying to hide hold old they were from the guy with the bowl, who would always count the pennies (especially if there was only 1 person that week) and then announce to everyone!!

  3. Happy Birthday to you! Hippo bird day to you... uh..what am I singing?
    Thanks for the sale code, what a sale!


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