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September 14, 2012

Adorable Cuddle Bears

In addition to working and reworking a wedding gown, pouring over a bridesmaid and flower girls dress, cuddle bears were a prominent part of my week .

These two bears are available in our shop

I've had a couple of the 10" bears on order that I needed to carve out some time to work on.  It's not that they take a huge amount of time to cut out and complete, really it's the mess they make while I'm working on them. That adorable fur is everywhere....even follows me around the house! That mess makes this a project that I don't work on in between other projects. I simply have to clear a day on my calendar, with no appointments or other projects and just "do it!" 

Twin bears for new-born twins {Special order}
 Since I knew I'd be making a huge mess of fur to make these two special ordered bears, I got myself some extra fabric and stitched up a couple more for the shop while I was at it. For these bears, instead of using the plastic snap-on eye, I used small black pom-poms...hoping for a more kid friendly bear.  Though I wish I could find black pom-poms that were a bit smaller than these.

May have to go cuddle with these guys before sending them on their way!

Happy Creating!


  1. Oh, who wouldn't love to cuddle with these?? They are super cute (and inspiring)! Thanks for sharing.

  2. is 1/8 inch too small?... here is link for tiny pom poms...


    Those bears are the cutest!

  3. Those are so sweet - and look wonderfully cuddle-able!! Whoop whoop!!

  4. They are just precious! :o)

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