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September 26, 2012

On the Design Wall {WIP}

I've made some pretty good progress with Michael's graduation quilt. Though I'm not one bit sue I'll be able to have it finished before he moves out on Sunday.  I want to at least have it quilted and binding attached by Saturday morning.  We're loading his moving van on Saturday and he'll be heading for Missouri after church Sunday.

A good amount of progress has been made since yesterday.

Where things were at just yesterday

Replacing all the white squares with black squares has totally changed the visual effect. In the original the white blocks caused the tiny black squares to create chains across the quilt. Now it's the tiny white squares that are what stands out, being set on point makes them look like "X"'s all over the quilt.  Reminds me of XOXO {Kisses and Hugs}.

I'm playing with the idea of changing the name for the quilt to "Kisses from Mom," but I'm not sure my big boy would like the name all that much.  Maybe it'll just be my own personal name for the quilt.

Lots of sewing to do today, so I'm off to the studio.
Happy Sewing,


  1. Oh no, I love the reverse affect on it! It is turning out to be a great quilt.

  2. How did you make your design wall?

    1. Hi Millie,

      To create my design wall, I measured from where I wanted the top to where it would end then added to that length the amount needed for the hem and the top where the grommets would be added.

      I sewed two of these lengths together to cover the width of the entire wall. Hemmed each side edge and the bottom. Then for the grommet area at the top I have myself an extra fold in the hem to give it a little extra strength. Measured across the top and laid the grommets evenly spaced across the top and attached each one.

      To hang the design wall I used teacup hooks along the top of the wall, though you could use command hooks or even nails to hang it. Once it was hung I smoothed it out and put a few small nails down the sides to keep it tight against the wall. I didn't nail down the bottom, because there's an outlet just under the edge of it that I wanted to be able to access when needed.

      If you have any other questions just let me know.



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