"She seeks wool & flax, And works willingly with her hands" ~ Proverbs 31:13

January 29, 2013

She's back!!!

My favorite machine (Ms. Sapphire) was out of commission for almost two full weeks. UGH! 
Yesterday hubby went for a nice scenic drive to Warrenton, VA with me to pick up my beloved machine from Kelly Ann's Quilting.  They took such good care of her and got her back into working order.  It's really kind of cool that the machine keeps track of actual sewing hours and I logged over 225 hours over the last 13 months. WOW! 

 While my beloved machine was away for repairs, I was using my old Janome and she did very well.  She even cooperated when I tried out free motion quilting on her. The sewing bed is pretty small and I don't have an extension table for her, so there wasn't a lot of room to move the quilt around.  I decided to wait on quilting the Craisy Daisy and Jelly Roll Quilts until Ms. Sapphire came home. 

With that decision made I had several days to wait, so it was time to pick something from my WIP pile and see what kind of progress I could make. I picked a mystery quilt that I had collected all the steps for and made fabric choices from my stash, but never made it any farther.  After a few days of cutting and piecing I've made it through 4 of the 6 steps, and now it goes back into the WIP pile.

Mystery Quilt Progress
While Sapphire was out of commission here's what I accomplished:
Pieced and sandwiched Craisy Daisy & chose a free motion quilting pattern
Completed a Jelly Roll Race Top & Sandwiched it
Made it a little over half way through the mystery quilt top.

Now I'm off to practice free motion daisies on Ms. Sapphire and see how she likes them.
My goal this week is to completely finish the Craisy Daisy quilt and be able get it into the mail next week.

Blessings & 
Happy Stitching!
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