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January 3, 2013

New Sewing Studio for a New Year

As I stand in the door of my freshly redone sewing studio I feel like I'm sewing in a completely new room.  In reality it is the same room that I've spent the last two years sewing and creating in, but with new paint and curtains, new shelves and an additional table it seems like an all new studio! I love it!!

View of my studio from the doorway.
The curtains are made from a 3 yard remnant I found on Hancock's of Paducah's remnant table.  A little over a year ago we were visiting some good friends who live in Paducah and she took me to Hancock's of Paducah just to show me their remnant table. Oh my goodness! I don't know how my friend is able to live so close to such an awesome remnant table (I mean who's ever heard of a 3 yard remnant!?!).

To the left of the door you'll find my design wall, pressing station and this  awesome storage cubby.
I hate to admit it but, I actually went through my stash and got rid of some fabric that was approaching 40 years old. Mostly knits that I knew I would never do anything with. Though there were some nice 100% cotton pieces that I just couldn't toss away.

To the right of the door is a U shaped sewing station made from my Great Aunt's kitchen table, a new folding table and the sewing cabinet I received as a High School graduation gift (though my newer machines won't fit  in it).

Here are the before pictures of the same room:
While functional, not nearly as warm and inviting.

The Computer desk and office area has been moved to a completely different room.
This is the wall that now hold my design wall.
It amazing what a coat of paint and some curtains can do for a space!! 
Thanks for stopping by and sharing part of your day with me! 
I hope you're enjoying the new year!


  1. Great new room! It looks great and will be so much fun to work in!

    1. Thanks Dora! I'm loving creating and working in it!!!

  2. I HAVE to know where you got your thread racks. Your room is LOVELY! Waiting for a room of my own some day!

    1. The thread rack was a specially made Birthday gift from a seamstress I used to work for. Unfortunately the man that made it only made a few for his wife and her friends and then refused to make anymore. I'm hoping someday to find someone who could take a look at it and make me another one. Each one of the shelves tilts for easy access. I LOVE it!! I hope you get that room of your own very soon!!

  3. This is really nice! Have fun sewing in your new space!

  4. What a great room! Nice improvements for a cheery place to create! Love it.

  5. We use a table like that (no extension, sigh) for our kitchen table. I so love and use vintage things. Wonderful to see your new layout!

  6. Little touches can make a big difference...I love your sewing room. (From a new friend via Find a Friend Friday)
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs


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