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January 17, 2013

Pulling out the Old Machine {& WIP update}

My poor Sapphire (yes I named my sewing machine) is sick and in desperate need of a trip to the hospital. But, just like a real doctor the next available appointment was over a week away.  At least I know that Sapphire's doctor is an expert and will take good care of her, sending her home ready to get back to work. 

In the meantime I'm pulling Ms. Janome off the shelf and praying that she won't be as difficult and temperamental as she was the last time we tried to work together.

Ms. Janome
To entice her into behaving herself, I took her apart, cleaned out some fuzz and gave her a drink of oil in all those strategic places laid out in her care manual and prayed for the best. 

Praise the Lord! 
So far she is producing some beautiful stitches and working amazingly surprisingly well!! 

Here's what Ms. Janome and I have done so far this morning.....
Craisy Daisy Baby Quilt

I am a bit concerned (and maybe it's just me) about my choice of the solid Citron Green pieces in the quilt...seems a bit harsh or overwhelming to me, so on the design wall it went.  I needed to see it all laid out. After laying it out (as seen above) I do like it a bit better than I thought I would. 

I'm thinking that using either a light pink or white thread for the quilting and adding some stitched daisies in the Solid and light pink squares will bring it all together in a satisfying way.  
Any thoughts? Should I scrap the solid green and find something different for those pieces? 
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! 

Happy Stitching &
Many Blessings,

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  1. I think the blocks are pretty. I also think pink goes with just about any color. It's a very nice combination. And your little Janome is adorable too.


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