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April 8, 2012

Quilt of Valor {Three Tours of Duty}

Quilt of Valor "Three Tours of Duty"
The pattern is available through Fons and Poter's Love of Quilting magazine here: https://www.quiltingcompany.com/store/three-tours-digital-pattern

When I began this Quilt of Valor I was so excited about it I had to share with my friends what I was working on. But, I didn't want the recipient or his wife to know that they would soon be the ones receiving it. So, both here on my blog and on Facebook I crafted cryptic messages, that left most thinking that it was my sweet and well deserving hubby who would be receiving this gift. I had way too much fun fooling everyone.  You can read my previous posts about this Quilt of Valor here, here and here.

On a side note; I will be making a Quilt of Valor for my sweet hubby, sadly for him there are several quilts in line ahead of his.

The actual recipient was my cousin Duston, who has just returned from his third tour of duty {Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa} all with the Army National Guard.  Since I live over a thousand miles from my cousin and the rest of my extended family, my mom had the privilege and honor of delivering the quilt for me. Hopefully I'll soon be receiving some pictures of the presentation, that I'll be able to share here.

Of all the quilts I've made so far, this is by far my favorite!

I greatly enjoyed making it as well as staging it in different settings and finding the perfect light to show off its beauty and details.

Closeup of the micro-stippling around the stars.

Quilt Label
The quilt label reads, "Our family is proud of you and your faithful service at home and overseas. This quilt is a small token of our appreciation and love."

I always LOVE how the back turns out.
A work of art all by itself!
At the very top of the quilt you can just barely see the hanging sleeve I added to give it the versatility to be used however Duston and Michelle choose, whether that's hanging it on a wall, laying it on a bed or even using it as a throw to wrap up in.

Back of outlined and shadowed star.

My youngest (Michael) was the only one in the family tall enough to hold the quilt up high enough to keep it off the ground for this picture. He was amazingly cooperative and patient during our session. It was breezy the day we took these and we had to keep waiting for the wind to die down so that the quilt to lay flat for a nice picture.  We worked hard to keep his fingers and toes out of the pictures, but seeing his toes peeking out from under the quilt in this picture just makes me smile.

My prayer is that this quilt will be a blessing to both Duston and Michelle for many years to come. 

Blessings & Hugs,


  1. What a fabulous quilt and wonderful story!

  2. Oh my gosh, what a BEAUTIFUL quilt! Made me teary reading. What an awesome gift.

  3. What a wonderful quilt for such a deserving young man. My heart goes out to those in the service (my husband was Navy for 22 years so they are special to me). You did a great job.

  4. AnonymousMay 18, 2012

    This is a great token of love!
    C'est magnifique!
    Katell, France

  5. Tony JacobsonJune 01, 2012

    Your quilt turned out wonderfully. I'm the designer and quilter for the original "Three Tours" quilt. My nephew's service was definitely a great inspiration for the design. I'm glad another deserving soldier will be receiving a quilt to show that his service is valued and appreciated.

    1. Thank you Tony! What an honor to have you comment on my quilt! I absolutely loved your design, personally I think it's the best of all the Quilt of Valor designs I've seen. Thank you so much for sharing it and allowing me to honor my cousin with such a wonderful gift!! Great thanks and honor to your nephew for serving our country!

  6. Your quilt is BEAUTIFUL :-)! Please tell Duston thank you for his service. Also, please tell your husband thank you for his service. God bless!

  7. that is gorgeous! My son has had three tours also, 2 Iraq and now Afghanistan,I have no ability to make this, but wanted to congratulate you on a beautiful quilt!

  8. this is by far one of the best quilts Ive seen yet and Ive been around the quilting world since 1994 - so that's ok, now I'm curious too - lol - 22 yrs. Well that's not bad but I know a lot of others who can beat that down right now. Excellent job.

  9. Is there any information on where I am able to purchase this pattern? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
    Thank you

    1. So sorry, I just discovered your comment/question. If you're still looking for the pattern it's available here: https://www.quiltingcompany.com/store/three-tours-digital-pattern

  10. Do you have a pattern?

    1. The pattern is available through Fons and Poter's Love of Quilting magazine here: https://www.quiltingcompany.com/store/three-tours-digital-pattern


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