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April 11, 2012

Pattern Testing {Finished}

Doing this pattern test for Bijou Lovely was so much fun!  Of course any excuse to make another quilt is an excuse that makes me happy.  I've blogged about this project here and here if you'd like to see those posts.

You might notice that the orange fabric is not the same orange print pictured in my original post.  I have to be honest, I messed up while I was cutting the fabric. I wasn't paying close enough attention to what I was doing. Didn't even realize what I'd done until I laid it with the pieces already cut and it wasn't the same. UGH!

I even played with doing some piecing to fix my mistake, but to no avail, I had messed it up in such a royal way, even piecing it wouldn't fix it.  So it was back to my stash to find another piece of fabric to use in it's place. I like what I found and it works nicely with the other fabrics. But, I don't think it's as pretty as the other print.

After spending more time than I probably should have contemplating what type of quilting to do, I went for an allover stipple stitch. In the end I realized that with all the other quilts I have on deck that need to be finished in the next couple of months, I needed to make the quilting on this one something that wouldn't take too long.

Close up of "Flower Power" from Hoffman Fabrics - A favorite of mine

For the binding I chose a yardage of fabric that I received at the NOVA Modern Quilt Guild Christmas party gift exchange. It's a beautiful rainbow stripe from Kensington Studio for Quilting Treasures.  The binding is cut on the bias to give that wrap around spiral effect. The backing I chose is "Fizz" by P&B Textiles, another of my favorite pieces of fabric.

I Took the finished quilt outside to get some of the pictures in natural light with the hope that the colors would come out in the picture better than they did in pictures of the top from my last post. Seems to have done the trick. 

Despite the cold temps and clouds I had a great time staging the quilt. Even with the cloudy conditions there was enough natural light that the colors seem to have cooperated much better with being photographed this time.

My favorite of all today's pictures, "Colorblock Quilt" with a mockingbird nest in the tree
Next up on my sewing table is finishing a black & white beauty. Looking forward to seeing this one comes together in the end!  You can see its beginnings here.



  1. This is a really sweet quilt. Looks like it could come together fairly easily, I like that! I have some of that same brighter floral print (the one in the divided row, not the run that runs from top to bottom) in my stash. I really like how you've used it in this quilt.

  2. Very nice, this quilt is so lovely!

  3. Wow! What a fun and fast quilt to put together! It looks like it could be any size you wanted or needed.

  4. This turned out so pretty!

  5. oh my goodness I love this! I'm working on my first quilt ever {eek!} right now :)


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