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December 27, 2012

This is a Test...This is Only a Test

Just before Christmas I was contacted by Elisabeth DeMoo of Brown Bird Designs, about the possibility of putting her very first quilt pattern to the test, looking for any mistakes or recommendations for improvement upon the pattern.

I had a blast making this quilt and considering all the endless possibilities for this particular pattern. Elisabeth did a great job! Right now it's still on the design wall waiting to be quilted and bound, while I consider how I want to quilt it.

"Square Off Lap Quilt" Pattern Written by Elisabeth DeMoo

 The blocks utilize half square triangles to create the visual of squares across the face of the quilt. Elisabeth was smart with her directions for making those half square triangles. She gave us a little extra fabric to work with and once completed the block is trimmed to the desired size. 

I wasn't really paying too close of attention when I was trimming down and squaring up my blocks, but in the end found that I really wish I had paid attention to some details just a bit closer. It is important to keep the corners in the corners....I didn't do that and once pieced together it's obvious. It looks like I didn't get the blocks lined up quite right, but the problem is that I trimmed it off center which moved the corner of the block and throwing off the alignment of the blocks.  

My dad would say, "Ah honey it's okay, nobody driving by 55 will even notice."   As a kid I must have worried about tiny details an awful lot! I remember him saying that quite a bit!!

Lesson learned: Pay attention to details, the small things can make a difference in the end. 

For this particular test I used P&B Textiles Bear Essentials  64 count charm pack. The pattern needs 66 5" squares, so I pulled a couple of leftover medium gray charms out of a Tuxedo charm pack I had used for another quilt. 

After playing with several possibilities for layout I chose to go with a graded look starting with the lightest shades in the upper left corner and ending with the darkest shades in the lower right corner. 

Other possibilities I considered was a completely scrappy look....throwing all the squares in a bag and laying them out however I pulled them out of the bag.  Another possibility was to make each square a single color all blue, all gray, all yellow.

If you're looking for a quick and easy pattern this is definitely one to put at the top of your list. I had the whole thing cut out and pieced in just a few hours. I spent more time moving colors around for the perfect layout than I did sewing. If I had gone with the scrappy look, it would have been even quicker. Of course using the pre-cut 5" charms makes things quicker too.

Checkout Elisabeth's Blog here. She will be publishing the pattern soon.

Now I'm off to work on my sewing studio....I've finally decided on a color for those stark white walls...Ancient Olive. So I've spent the day clearing out the room and preparing for painting.
Pictures of the redo coming soon.

Here's what it looked like before I tore it apart today, just imagine more of a mess.

Have A Blessed Day!


  1. My mom and my grandmother used to say "it will never be seen on a galloping horse!" I like the pattern and think it might be fun to try in in holiday fabrics and hang it on the wall. Does her pattern have instructions for expanding to a larger size or just the lap quilt size?

    1. Hi Nancy!
      Right now the pattern is specifically the lap size, but it does have a note about making it larger if you'd like by adding more blocks or adding a border. I think I'll suggest that to her. Thanks Nancy!!!

  2. I really like this pattern, and in particular the colour choices you have made. As for the little "mistake" I must admit I do them all the time... and always remind myself that the Amish put little mistakes in the their beautiful works of art because they believe only God can make something perfect. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it!

  3. Your placement of color really makes the quilt. Nice to test the pattern. I love that saying of your dad's and around here the speed limit is 65 so imperfections wouldn't be seen for sure.


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