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December 21, 2012

Triple Play {3 Christmas Finishes}

Three very special quilts have been finished just in time for Christmas. I wanted to take all the quilts outside in the sunshine and take the pictures in natural lighting. But, even though I was hoping for clear skies and calm breezes for a nice photo shoot, that was not to be. Instead it turned out to be too cloudy and much to windy to take any pictures. Not that I didn't try! I laid out the first quilt, was ready to snap a picture and the wind blew the quilt over. UGH! Straightened it back out and as I'm getting into position the wind moves it again. That was enough for me. I ended up inside....threw every window shade wide open to let in as much light as possible, but even that didn't give me the nice pictures I was hoping for.  What can a woman do!?! At least I was able to get some decent pictures.

First up is the Pixelated Super Mario Brothers Quilt with all 3,888 1" squares. 
Love how this quilt turned out!! Kind of wish I had a reason to make another one of these, so I could try a few of the other characters. I used Michael Miller's Cotton Couture collection for this quilt.

 Next on the list of finished quilts is "Trains All Around."  
The fabric for this quilt is from the collection Choo Choo You. I was a bit surprised that the reds weren't the same shade of red from one design to the other all in the same collection. You can see the glaring difference in the reds between the 9-patch blocks and the other red pieces. I've also discovered that the red in this quilt does not like to be photographed. This one is so much cuter in person.....though really I think all quilts are better in person than in a photo.

The back of the quilt is where Trains line the entire boarder of the quilt and what inspired the name for the quilt.

I saved my favorite of three for last....."Cotton Candy" It just looks so soft and fluffy just like cotton candy. Love, love, love this quilt!! Almost wish I could keep this one for myself!! I'm thinking of making one similar to this for this shop.

This was another quilt that did not like being photographed. The picture makes it seem like an ombre quilt where it changes intensity from the top to the bottom of the quilt, but that is not the case. The second picture below gives a more accurate view of the colors featured here. The fabric for this quilt is a wide variety of pieces from my stash and quilt shops across the nation.

"Cotton Candy"

Now, it's back to the sewing studio to put a new quilt pattern to the test that I've been asked to critique and help edit. I'll show you pictures and the link to purchase the pattern once the testing is finished.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! And to all my family and friends in the Midwest...enjoy the snow (I'm a bit jealous) and stay safe on the roads!! Love you All!! 

Merry Christmas!!

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