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June 18, 2012

Safari Delight {Finished & Delivered}

"Safari Delight"

The "Safari Delight" Quilt was a graduation gift for one of the young ladies in our church. I started this quilt way back in January, thinking I'd give myself plenty of time to get it finished well in advance of her graduation party. But, as they say, "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." I worked like a mad woman Friday and Saturday to finish it in time.  I actually took the last stitches just moments before we left the house for the party. Whew! Nothing like cutting it close!
The inspiration pattern came from Better Home & Gardens Special Publication,
"Sew Scrappy Vol. 2

In the original pattern the small diamonds on either side of the print were a part of the printed fabric. As you can see below the fabric I wanted to use didn't have that kind of a border on it, so I did the next best thing and added Kona Black to either side of the animal print. Originally my plan was to stitch diamonds in gold thread on these black strips. In the end I did stitch the diamonds, but I did them in black instead of gold. I'm sure the gold would have been amazingly beautiful, but I was afraid I wouldn't be able to keep my stitching as perfect as it needed to be to make me happy.

Diamonds on the inner border and feathers in the triangles

The "square in a square" blocks turned out beautiful. I was a bit concerned when I first started these blocks that the colors weren't playing as well together as I wanted, but when it all came together they turned out better than I had imagined. In the inspiration pattern all of the "square in a square" blocks were the same, when I reworked the pattern I added some variety to those blocks. This change gave the quilt a feel of fun and elegance.

I so LOVE how it turned out.

 The last change from the inspiration pattern was to leave off the prairie points from the top and bottom ends. The ironic thing about this change is that originally I had planned to keep all the prairie points, but by Saturday morning the day of the party, I still hadn't managed to get the points stitched on and I was forced into making a decision. The question was did I want to deliver a partially finished quilt that I would have to take back after she opened it. Or did I want to be able to give a quilt that she would be able to immediately enjoy. I went for the later choice.  While the prairie points would have added a nice touch, it's still beautiful without them.

Back of Quilt with Customized Label
 When it came to quilting the animal print I played with two options. The easiest and quickest option was to do an all over stippling stitch. The second option which would take longer, but would enhance the pattern was to outline the designs printed on the fabric. After much contemplation I went with the second option absolutely LOVE how it turned out!

Quilting outlined the animal print designs

Close-up of quilting
Surprise & Joy!

Blessings & Happy Stitching,

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