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June 6, 2012

I'm back....

I know you've all been missing me terribly!  Life kind of went crazy for a couple of months, but it was the good kind of crazy.  So, here's what I've been up to since last I checked in....

At the end of April my baby (19 years old and 6' tall...I know not much of a baby) and I drove from Virginia to Missouri to be with my family for my Aunt Jean's funeral. Aunt Jean had requested that my hubby preach her funeral and he was able to fly out to do just that. He did an amazing job leading the family in celebrating Aunt Jean's faith and her life. She will be greatly missed!

Aunt Lola, My Aunt Jean, my mom and me, on one of our "Girls Trips"
Since I was going to be attending Spring Quilt Market just couple of weeks after the funeral I stayed in Missouri on the farm with my parents.  I can't live without sewing for too long and I had a quilt due for delivery the day Market started. So I spent my days and nights sewing. I completely took over my parents dining room with all my fabric. Mom even got into the activity by pressing seams while I stitched away.

My mom...she's the best!!
I really hate seeing pictures of myself....ugh
And here's the finished quilt ready for delivery.....

The fabric is "Simple Pleasures" by RJR
Queen Size Quilt - the biggest quilt I've completed so far
Personalized Label
The back of the quilt - Love how it shows off the stitch design! 

Once this quilt was finished I had a little time to get a table topper stitched, as a gift to give to our piano teacher at my youngest's Senior Recital.

Just realized that I completely forgot to take a picture of the finished table topper.

While I was in MO I missed the graduation party of a very special young lady whom I had made a graduation quilt for. I was terribly sad that I had to miss her party, but my hubby was home and he was able to represent the family as well as deliver the quilt.

"Black Tie Event" with a bright surprise on the back
"Black Tie Event"
Black Feather Stitching
I'm pretty sure she likes it.

My mom and I went to Spring Quilt Market in Kansas City and were totally overwhelmed and excited by all there was too see and learn. So much so, that I completely forgot that I had a camera with me and could have been taking pictures of all I was seeing.  Leaving me with no pictures to share with you.

I learned a lot, had  more questions than I knew to ask answered and came away even more excited about getting my online quilt shop set up and running. I also came away inspired, excited and  ready to work even harder to achieve my goal of opening an actual local quilt shop!  Wish so much that I had some pictures to share....it was absolutely amazing!!! 

Once arriving back home I hit the ground running, preparing a meal to share with friends who had been staying with us (actually with my hubby) while I was gone and were leaving the next morning.

Then it was time to start preparing for my parents arrival in just 2-1/2 days. They were arriving early for Michael's graduation ceremony, giving us all time to play a few days before having to dive into graduation plans.  We spent a day at the American History Museum in DC and then on Memorial Day we visited Ft. McHenry...where our National Anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner" was inspired and written by Francis Scott Key.  We ended up being there just in time for the noon flag ceremony, where they replaced a smaller flag with a replica the same size as the huge flag that was flying the morning Francis Scott Key saw the flag still flying after an all night battle with the British.

Flag Raising

My hubby had the honor of being the one to fold the flag that had been taken down.

My handsome man on the left
On June 2nd we had our baby's High School Graduation and by default my "retirement" from home schooling.  I was extremely proud of him for stepping out of his comfort zone and giving a great graduation speech. Those who know him or have spent much time around him, know that he's a young man of few words, rarely speaking.

Michael giving his speech
Our "Thinker"
A picture that portrays him perfectly. He spends more time thinking than speaking.

The family
Finally we celebrated my Husband's promotion from Major to Lieutenant Colonel (LT. COL). He's been in the military for 28 years and is currently serving as a Chaplain in the Army National Guard. We are so very proud of our soldier!

Michael and I had the honor of "pinning"  Lt. Col. shoulder bars on his uniform jacket
My parents were given the honor of "pinning" his new rank on his uniform shirt.
 "Oath of Office"
The newest Lt. Col. in the Army National Guard Chaplain Corp

Those are all the highlights of what I've been up to for the last two months. It's good to be back home, back in my sewing studio creating and working to bring Little Pink Rose Quilting online soon.

Blessings to you,

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