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March 26, 2012

A Long Time Dream

Many of you know that I've been dreaming about and working toward opening a local quilt shop. But, I've recently found that due to a lack of funds I'm unable to open a physical store right now. With my sweet hubby's wisdom we have a plan to come up with the needed funds to make this dream a reality.

The plan is to open an online quilt shop (fabric store) in the next couple of months or so and use the earnings to both grow the online store and save for the investment needed to open a physical store....of course it will all be in the Lord's perfect timing.

Among the many, many steps to opening this online store is figuring out what fabrics I will offer and whether or not I should specialize in something specific. I've found that the amount of fabric to choose from is almost overwhelming and figuring out what I should offer is a daunting task.

I absolutely LOVE fabric, but starring at all the possibilities kind of makes my eyes glaze over and my brain is simply overloaded.

I pray that the Lord gives me the wisdom I so desperately need each step of the way, especially the wisdom of where to start with fabric purchases for the store.

We spent this past weekend in Williamsburg and between our conversation concerning the online shop and the discovery of some fabric display shelves, that my sweet hubby will be making for the shop, I came home excited and ready to throw open the doors (figuratively speaking) to a new business, a new adventure and a new chapter of life. But, patience is a virtue, time to dive into the serious steps needed to open a successful business.

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts, please share any advice, words of wisdom or encouragement that you might have. I look forward to hearing form you!!

Blessings & Hugs,


  1. I can't do it where I am now, but I have ordered fabric on line in the past and been very pleased with the results. The only advice I can give you from a consumer perspective is that when choosing a site to order from, the bottom line for me was not how large the inventory was but the quality of the images. I wanted to be sure I was getting what I thought I was getting since I couldn't see it in person. Praying for your success!

  2. Nancy is giving you a very good piece of advice.
    I wish you the very best!!

  3. I've never bought fabric online - because I love going to the store to pick it out! But I can understand for people in small towns and rural areas that's not an option. I would want to see a big enough sample - a postage size picture wouldn't cut it. Also, could you describe the texture, feel of it?

  4. I buy tons of fabric online because my family is in the military and we are often sent to places where good quilt quality fabric is hard to find or too expensive. Nancy gave you some good advice about the pictures. I want to know what I'm getting before I buy it too (put a ruler at the bottom so people know the scale). I also want to be able to search a site by color, theme, and by designer. A site that is attractive and easy to navigate is important, and so is reasonable shipping. I'd also figure out how to get your shop name out there so people know about it and can find it online. Lastly, think about offering Fat Quarters and FQ bundles. I know I love FQs :) Good Luck!

  5. I would love to be one of your customers when your shop opens. Please keep us informed. I will be praying for your successful venture into the online quilt shop world. I would recommend good quality fabrics, some solids maybe also, and some great thread. Good luck,

    Debbie Hall

  6. Interesting to find your post. Same applies to me- have you read Jim Salinas' books that compile all his columns from the Quilt Retailer? One of the things he discusses is that "quilting" is already a niche. So when we decide to just carry "brights" or "reproductions" or "batiks", we've chose a niche within a niche which he says is awfully hard to succeed. It sure takes a lot of $ to stock hundreds of bolts! Good luck!


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