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March 9, 2012

Charity Blocks

The Quilt of Valor is NOT finished and I'm a bit bummed about that. Wednesday night I had to make a decision between finishing it by my self-imposed deadline, by skimping on the quilting details  OR putting all those quilting details in {that  I felt would make it even more beautiful and special} and missing my deadline.  Being the detailed person that I am, I chose to push on and add all the details I had originally planned for it.  With that decision made I had to take a break from the Quilt of Valor and work on some charity blocks, I had volunteered to do.

A few months ago I joined the NOVA Modern Quilt Guild, which I LOVE!! All the ladies are so sweet and very talented, I'm really enjoying getting to know other quilters and being able to be a part of all the guild does, especially the charity quilts created each month!

This month we're working on a modern tactile quilt for a young girl who recently lost her sight. The goal is to create a quilt that she can appreciate through touch and her family will enjoy because it's still pretty. The blocks are simply chenille raw edge appliqued on Gray quilters cotton {very modern}. 

This gave me several "first" opportunities: my first contribution to a charity quilt, my first time doing raw edge applique and my first time incorporating gray into a quilt. I never really cared for gray as a part of a quilt, but it's beginning to grow on me....the more I see it used in quilts, the more I like it.

The four blocks I did for our February Charity Quilt

I can hardly wait to see the finished quilt, I'm sure it'll be amazing!

Many Blessings,
Marcia the Little Pink Rose

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