"She seeks wool & flax, And works willingly with her hands" ~ Proverbs 31:13

June 1, 2013

Update - New Look - Sneak Peak

I've been off the grid and out of the blogging scheme of things for awhile staying busy traveling, working and of course some quilting thrown in there.

First up a sneak peak of the quilt/wall hanging I just finished:
This is a string quilt using only "Poppy Love" by the Swirly Girls for Michael Miller Fabrics.

 I really enjoyed doing the quilting on this creation!! It's full of feathers, swirls, paisleys and pebbles.

 A view of the quilting from the back. LOVE the feather swirls! 

Last week just hours before flying off to Missouri I decided it was time to cut off all the long hair, even though my husband dearly loves my long hair. I was just tired of dealing with it. So, without telling him what I was doing I was off to the Salon for that much needed new do!!

After some discussion with my new stylist here's what we ended up with. Much shorter! Much lighter! And much healthier!! 

Thankfully my sweet hubby LOVES the new do as much as I do!

My hubby and I spent last week in Missouri doing some work on our house there. We preparing to put it on the market again, hoping and praying desperately that it will sell this time and that we won't loose too much in the sale. 

After having two different renters in the house the cabinets were in need of some deep cleaning. My mom came down to help us and she went to working scrubbing off all the years of built up gunk and then rubbed down each cabinet with Old English Oil. When she was finished they looked like brand new cabinets! Beautiful!! 

While my hubby worked on a variety of odd jobs and helping me whenever I needed, I busied myself laying down new vinyl tiles in the kitchen and the bathroom. Wish I had some before pictures, but trust me both floors look 100 times better now. The kitchen had been carpeted.....we discovered that it was put down in 1997 (way past time for something new)!

Laying tile is a lot like quilting, but like I told Darren, "I would much rather be quilting than crawling around on the floor working with sticky tiles!!"

Created a paper template to be able to cut the tiles to fit perfectly around the curve of the stool.

We'll go back in a few weeks for another work session and to meet with the realtor. 
We're looking forward to a busy and tiring summer, but praying it all goes well!

I'm off to sandwich a quilt and sit down with my sweet Sapphire to create some beautiful stitches! 
I've got Tula Pink's collection of Aurifil thread ready and waiting for this gorgeous quilt.

Many Blessings and Happy Quilting!


  1. I am in love with this quilt!

    1. Thanks Susan! I can hardly wait to reveal the entire quilt and it was so very easy to make! It's just strip pieced.

  2. I am in love with this quilt!


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