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May 3, 2013

Graduation Quilt {Finally Finished}

Without a doubt the emphasis here is on finally!

Our youngest's High School graduation was only12 months ago...no need to rush into anything! 
I'm pretty sure when he received the sneak peak of his quilt that he never dreamed that it would take mom this long to finish it! 

Here's the sneak peak he had 12 LOOOOOOOONG months ago...
Doesn't he look amused!?!
I had just told him that, that little square was his whole quilt. 

Without any further delay, here is the finished quilt!

The original plan for this quilt was an Irish Chain Quilt and technically it still is an Irish Chain.
Though taking a quick look at it you would never guess that the pattern is Irish Chain. 

So, the youngest took one look at the layout I had planned for his quilt and wrinkled up his nose, "Too much white!" for his taste. So we switched out the solid white squares for black star fabric. 
Unfortunately I had already pieced all of the 361 tiny little black and white nine-patches. 

The simple change of one block completely changes the overall effect of the layout. 
I thought about naming it, "The Lost Irish Chain." In the end, I went with "Universe of Opportunities," a nod to the new chapter of life that graduation marks and in reference to the outer space fabric used on the back. The backing may even be his favorite part.

All over Free Motion Swirls for the quilting. 

This is the same quilt that I had so much trouble with the thread skipping stitches, balling up and making nasty little nests on the back side. I spent waaaaay too long adjusting tensions, changing needles, stitching speed before throwing out the thread and switching to my trusty, awesome quality Aurifil thread!!!! 

Once I changed threads I didn't have asingle problem the rest of the quilt.....too bad I didn't switch threads sooner. Because I spent as long as I did trying to make the other thread work properly I was left me with a bit of a dilemma....rip out everything I had stitched or find a way to "fix" all the skipped stitches and bird nests. 

I really considered ripping out all the stitches and starting over, for half a second.  If it had been a customers quilt I would have done just that, of course I would have given up on the crappy thread much quicker, leaving me with a whole lot less to rip out. 

Since this was a "family" quilt I was going to "cheat" and stitch as nicely as possible over all the problem area with that awesome Aurifil thread. I wouldn't have considered this "fix" for a customer's quilt! Thankfully most of the "fixes" don't show too much!

As always I LOVE how the stitching looks on the back! 

 In this photo you you can actually see the start of the Irish Chain along the edge.
I've studied these pictures in amazement at how color placement can make such a huge difference in the look of a quilt!!
 Even though my trip back to Missouri concluded with me bringing our youngest back home to Missouri....making him available to help with quilt photo shoots, this cute little hopper was the only assistant I could find willing to help me out with this particular shoot and he insisted on being included in the photos!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing some quilting love with me! 
I greatly appreciate all your support along the way! 

Blessings &
Happy Stitching!


  1. This quilt is fantastic! I love that the irish chain is hidden! I love to see the difference a simple switch of color makes....and this one is awesome! Well done!

  2. Irish chain is one of my favorite patterns and I have yet to make an Irish chain quilt. Your quilt is beautiful and I am sure he loves it even more because of the love it represents.

  3. Beautiful quilt!!!


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