"She seeks wool & flax, And works willingly with her hands" ~ Proverbs 31:13

November 20, 2012

On the Design Wall...

The Mario Quilt is coming along nicely! Only 3 blocks left to piece....

I absolutely LOVE how this adorable little quilt is coming together!! 

On another note, I want to say that this thanksgiving is turning out to be especially meaningful and fulfilling for me. My sweet hubby has been looking for full time work since the first of October, when his full-time active duty orders were not renewed. Thankfully he is still in the National Guard and his once a month drill weekends are bringing in some money, but it isn't a lot. He has been blessed with several extra days of training and classes, which he was paid to attend. But even with that I thought we were to the point of having to decide which bills we could be delayed and which bills had to be without delay.  I logged into our checking account to check the balance and by the Grace of God was blessed to discover a deposit I didn't know about and more than enough money to pay all the bills. 
All the praise goes to the Lord, provider of all our needs!! 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!! 

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