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October 1, 2013

Running with Eagles Wings {A Finish}

I've been neglecting my blog for much too long! But, while I've been gone I have managed to accomplish quite a bit. We moved out of our house and into a hotel for 35 days while we waited for closing day to arrive on our new home.  Tried really hard to not let the cramped quarters of the hotel keep me from sewing and quilting, but in the end the hotel won as I wasn't able to make the quilt sandwich to be able to finish a custom T-Shirt quilt (so that had to wait until we were in our new home).  So, while I wasn't able to finish the quilt I wanted to I finished up a couple of other Works in Projects. 

This piece started as the center of a quilt, but I'm making a substitution and thought this would make a great wall hanging.  The vines are all free-motion quilting.

I made this little embellishment with small yo-yo's and seed beads.

 The other Work-in-Progress I was able to almost finish was this hand embroidery piece. 
I found the pattern at www.dreamalittlebigger.com 

Once the embroidery work was finished I used it to practice my free-motion quilting. 
I love the texture accomplished when combining quilting motifs!
Eventually this will become either a pillow top or a framed piece of quilt art. 

Alas, closing day/move in day finally arrived and after a few days of unpacking essentials I was able to make the needed quilt sandwich. Once that quilt sandwich was put together it was just a matter of days to complete the quilting.

It is completely free-motion quilted with no markings whatsoever.
I chose specific areas of each design to outline and then between the blocks I stitched a small to medium meander stitch. This size stitch gives the quilt more stability while allowing the hand of the quilt to remain soft.

To create the label I cut a piece of freezer paper to the size of a regular sheet of paper (8 1/2 x 11) then ironed it to a piece of white muslin and trimmed away the extra fabric to match the freezer paper exactly. This makes the fabric stiff enough to be run through an ink jet printer.  I used Print Shop for Mac to layout the wording and logo. After printing the label on the fabric, I removed the freezer paper and pressed the label to heat set the ink. To further set the ink I ran it under cold water, blotted it dry with a white towel and then finished pressing it dry with an iron. This process will permanently set the ink so that it  won't run and makes it washable the same as the quilt. Once it is set I press under the edges, cut a piece of light weight Wonder Under fit just short of the edges of the label. Peel off the paper and press the label to the quilt, then to keep it in place I do a tiny slip stitch completely around the  label attaching it to the quilt. 

A note on the quilt itself:

Tiffany is a runner and had many T-shirts from the races she has participated in over the years.  Her desire was to have a quilt created that reminded her of the most meaningful races and family moments.
Among all the stories of the many blocks the Green Apple Block is my personal favorite, it is the shirt  from the race where her husband proposed to her at the end of the race. How very romantic!!
When I asked her if there something special or meaningful that she would like to name her quilt she said that, "Running with Eagles Wings" would be the most meaningful to her, as Isaiah 40:31 is their family verse.  It is a verse they have looked to during times of difficulty for courage and strength, it is a verse that reminds them that it is the Lord that cares for them in all things.

Thank you for stopping by and catching up with me!

God Bless & Happy Stitching!


  1. Oh my goodness Marcia your projects are beautiful! I especially love the embroidery whole cloth. Spectacular work and the FMQ just sets it off! Both of the other quilts are special too. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Karen! Of these three projects the embroidery piece is by far my favorite!!!

  2. Oh my gosh I love this post! I am a runner too and I never thought of turning my race t-shirts into a quilt! The shades of blue and green really tie it all together.
    I love the little details on the first quilt too, I have been meaning to try something like that for a while.
    Awesome work :-)


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