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August 8, 2013

Nancy's Quilt {Finished} & A New WIP

No, I didn't drop off the face of the planet though it may have seemed like it. I've just been working myself to death every day. We went absolutely crazy and decided to save some $$$$ by packing our entire house ourselves and then loading it all into two16 foot pods with help from some great friends! 

In the midst of packing we were blessed to find a new house with some acreage that I desired. Then just after starting that process we drove to Missouri for a College Reunion, Nancy's Quilt Delivery, to do some major work on our sweet little house in Independence and put it on the market.

As far as I was concerned the best part of the trip was being able to personally deliver Nancy's quilt to her. I absolutely LOVE being able to see a persons reaction to their finished quilt. Since Nancy has become such a good friend it was an extra special quilt to be able to deliver. 

Pieced by Nancy and Quilted by Marcia

Here are some other shots of Nancy's finished quilt, with some closeups of the quilting.
All of the quilting is free-motion quilting done on my domestic sewing machine, with a few guidelines on a couple of the blocks. Yes, even the Stitch-in-the-Ditch on every seam and the triangles in the outer border are all completely free-motion stitched.
 I used 23 different colors of 50 wt. Aurifil  thread throughout the quilt. Aurifil has such a great selection of thread colors it was easy to find colors that blended well with these beautiful batiks!

Inner Border Swirls and outer border Triangles
Flowers in the Corners
Flying Geese Block with pebbling. Outer border stitched with random continuous squares.

Random Squares

Pinwheels with micro-stippling. Out border stitched with swirls.

Hourglasses stitched with paisley and pebbles.

Applique double outlines and stipples
Small Stippling in center block and Orange Peel in outer portion (I used a 1/2" grid as a guide for the orange peel).
Closer view of the orange peel
Square in a Square, Swirl in the very center and stippling in the neutral pieces
Feathers in the Border

Star block with Stipple stitch inside and outer border with swirls and pebbles.

Pebbles and Bishop Fans

Closer view of Bishop Fans

Applique flower outlined and stipple stitched to make it pop.
Outer border McTavishing that mimics the fabric print

Stipple stitch and McTavishing


Swirls of Wind in the Trees

Pebbling in the yellow border is among my favorite parts of this quilt.

The back is a piece of art all its own!

 There is a wonderful story behind the creation of this quilt and why it is such a special quilt to Nancy. Stop by her blog, "Cool Beans" and read the rest of the story.


The sale of our home in Virginia was a huge blessing, but the timing of closing on our new home didn't line up at all with closing on the one we just sold. Which has put us in a wonderful little hotel room. Thankfully Candlewood Suites was been a great temporary home! Sadly for all our fabric it has been relegated to boxes in the corner of our hotel room, until someone gives it a new home.

A second blessing with the room is that the table provided is big enough for both a cutting area and a sewing area!

The living room/kitchen/sewing studio and fabric shop aka our hotel suite
I'm not letting the cramped quarters stop me from quilting. The floor has become the design wall and is working well, that is until someone wants to go through one of the doors.

Custom T-Shirt Quilt

Thanks for stopping by! As always I've enjoyed sharing my latest projects with you.
Be sure to stop by the shop www.littlepinkrose.com and set some of our beautiful fabric free.

Happy Quilting & Many Blessings,


  1. Marcia you did a fantastic job on the quilting! Each block is kist stunning. Is there a post that tells what your home machine is? I am in awe of the work you did on such a large quilt. Congratulations!

    1. Thank you so much Karen! My home machine is listed on the side bar with a picture of it. I'm sewing on a Husqvarna Sapphire 875, which I absolutely love. Before I upgraded to the Sapphire I was sewing and free-motion quilting on a little Janome with a 6" throat. I really want to get a sit down mid/long arm, Like George or Sweet Sixteen, but the price is just too much right now. I'll have to save a lot more pennies before I can upgrade again. I've tried quilting on the big frame, but I found it to be extremely limiting, I found that I have a lot more freedom of movement with my domestic machine.

  2. Great job as usual and tshirt quilt is fantastic! I'm attempting my first quilt with some of my organic scraps from www.organiccottonplus.com so fingers crossed!

    1. Thanks Mary! I'm sure your first quilt will be something to treasure for many years. Hope it all goes well!

  3. Great job as usual and tshirt quilt is fantastic! I'm attempting my first quilt with some of my organic scraps from www.organiccottonplus.com so fingers crossed!

  4. Nice to see you can still quilt in such a small space! Thanks for this post it has given me ideas on how to quilt one of my sample quilts.

    1. So glad to hear that this quilt has been an inspiration to you!

  5. Love the quilt, you did an awesome job! And a inspiration to keep on quilting.
    Liking the blocks on point and the colors are perfect.


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