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February 25, 2013

Checking In....

I've been pretty quiet in blog-land for the last couple of weeks. Mostly because what I've been surrounded by just didn't seem blog worthy.  Immediately after finishing the Craisy Daisy quilt I got a call from a local ROTC that they had uniform pants needing hemmed and berets that needed patches sewn on. While I love having the work, which brings in dollars that I can turn around and invest in expanding the fabric choices available in the shop, it's a job that just didn't inspire a blog post. 

Follow that with catching up on financial bookwork and taxes...... 
again not something that inspired me much as far as blogging. 

Though I do want to share a praise from all the tax work. As you may remember my sweet hubby has been without full time employment since September 30th last year. We were blessed with a nice check with some back-pay that he was owed by the National Guard just a couple of months after he came off active duty orders, which was deposited in God's perfect timing just as I had begun to wonder how we were going to make it financially.  Once again, we're to the point that as I looked down the road I didn't see how we would be able to last much longer we would be able to stretch out the dollars we had left.  I don't know why I ever wonder or even begin to worry about such things when I know that the Lord has always proven to be faithful in taking care of us.  

When I start voicing my worries hubby puts it this way, "There's no need to worry, we've never gone hungry. God has always taken care of us and He will this time as well."

I had been dreading sitting down and doing our taxes, I was sure we would owe the IRS money and I didn't want to know how much it was going to be.....besides I could put it off until April. Right? 
A few weeks ago I get a call from our oldest, he was a semi-finalist for a scholarship. YEAH! 
Yep, you guessed it.....he needed our tax return for the final stage of the scholarship consideration, due by March 1st. 

Now I was being forced to do our taxes. UGH!!! 

After procrastinating as long as I possibly could I finally sat down last week and started organizing bookwork, receipts and tax forms. By the end of the process I happily discovered that instead of us owning them money, they owed us. Praise the Lord for His faithful provision through surprising sources like the IRS! I LOVE it when He works like that!!! 

Thankfully now that all that tedious work is finished I was able to jump back into a mystery quilt project I had been working on. I'm always just a bit leery when it comes to a mystery quilt...
.....what if I don't like the pattern?
.....what if I don't like the fabric choices I had when it all comes together?
.....what if?
......what if?
Way too many unknowns for this little control freak! 

 I'm happy to report that I adore how this quilt came together!! 

Here's a little sneak peak of the top ready to be sandwiched and quilted.

Mystery Quilt ready to quilt
Something that has always fascinated me are sunsets and sunrises. This sunset last Tuesday evening was absolutely mesmerizing!!! But, this view isn't looking West toward the sunset, the scene was to the East with the sun setting behind the camera. Gorgeous!!!

Looking to the East at Sunset on Feb. 19, 2013 approximately 5:30pm

That's what I've been up to since you last saw me. Not much quilting going on, but definitely worth it to witness the Lord showing up! 

Blessings &
Happy Stitching!

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  1. WOW those colors just pop. It looks lovely.

  2. Hi Marcia,
    I love the colors of your mystery quilt. Your sunset photo is just gorgeous too.
    Glad your getting some $$ back from the IRS too. Bet that was a nice surprise.
    Thanks for sharing at Funday Monday.


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