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May 19, 2018

A Royal Quilt {Three Blocks}

Hi all! With the Royal Wedding happening today I thought I would share about the Royal Birthday Quilt I had the honor of helping to make for Her Majesty the Queen.

It all started when John J. Cole-Morgan of the U.K. was inspired to make a quilt for Her Majesty the Queen's 90th Birthday and he invited the members of his Beginner's Quilt Support Group (an International Group) to make a block or blocks for the quilt he had designed. The pattern is available on Craftsy.
photo credit: John J. Cole-Morgan

The idea of being a part of an International quilt making project was irresistible, so of course I signed up to take on a block or two. John listed the blocks and and those of us making blocks to choose blocks we knew we could handle with our quilting experience.

I ended up with three blocks to make. We each purchased the fabric we needed, John's pattern from Craftsy and began our journey of creating out blocks.

 I had a little trouble getting this block to come out to the correct size so after making the block three times I decided blocking it, wetting it and pinning it to the board to dry, was the best solution. Thankfully this was the perfect solution! Success was at hand.

My other two blocks came together much better for me, no blocking was necessary.  Love it when a block comes together the way it's supposed to!!

As we finished our blocks we started sending them off to John in the U.K.  and flooding his mailbox with packages from around the world. So much fun watching him post as the packages began arriving.
Thankfully John had a team of folks local to him to help him with organizing, layout and piecing.

photo credit: John J. Cole-Morgan

 Searching for my blocks in the whole quilt was extraordinarily fun! Found all three of mine circled in yellow.

photo credit: John J. Cole-Morgan

 John created a label for each person who contributed to the making of the quilt.

photo credit: John J. Cole-Morgan

  All the labels ready to become the backing of the quilt.
photo credit: John J. Cole-Morgan

John and his longarm quilter chose the perfect quilting design called Fleur.
photo credit: John J. Cole-Morgan


photo credit: John J. Cole-Morgan

Before delivering the quilt to the Palace John entered it in The Festival of Quilts Competition for judging and feedback. The jury selected the quilt to be part of the competition. What an honor! 

The quilt during set up at The Festival of Quilts 2016 in Birmingham, England.

photo credit: John J. Cole-Morgan
 Judges notes of our quilt. Great feedback for a quilt made by mostly beginner quilters from around the world. Job well done by all.

 photo credit: John J. Cole-Morgan

 John and some of his U.K. team

photo credit: John J. Cole-Morgan

photo credit: John J. Cole-Morgan

Once John received official word from the Palace when he could bring the quilt to the Palace, a date he couldn't share with any of us, the excitement shared by this group of quilters around the world grew tremendously.  Once the quilt was delivered to the palace it became part of the Royal Collection.  We dream that it is a quilt that the HM the Queen has placed on her bed and slept beneath, but we will never know for sure.

It was truly an honor and a privilege to be a part of the making of such a magnificent quilt! 

Thank you for stopping by and sharing in my quilting journey!
Happy Quilting and God Bless,


  1. Such an amazing quilt and honor to have been part of this generous gift for the Queen's birthday! I loved reading all about it and seeing all the beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh MARCIA!!!!

    You have no idea how wonderful this is for me to read and come back to!!! You truly have made my heart burst a little. Thank you.

    Sadly one of the ladies in the photo has since passed away. So that was a bitter sweet moment to read that. Thank you.

    I actually arrived for the 2018 festival of quilts in Birmingham England today!!!

    Thank you for being such a great part of this quilt. It truly makes my heart so full of pride. Thank you.

    Lots of love John J. Cole-Morgan Hertfordshire England


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