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October 20, 2014

Poppy Love {A Finish}

I was just looking through my pictures from the last year and discovered a quilt that I never shared with you all. I created this quilt based on a quilt challenge issued last year by the Swirly Girls to use their collection Poppy Love to create a quilt.  This is what I came up with...

This quilt was such a fun quilt to make.
The block is what's known as a string block, made with differing widths of fabric sewn to a foundation piece.  Either a piece of paper or fabric in the desired size can be used for the foundation where are the strips are sewn together. I chose to use a 10" square of muslin for my foundation.

I wish so much I had thought to take pictures of my steps, but I will try to give you a short description of the steps. I'm sure you can find more detailed instructions with photos online.

Before sewing an strips down I drew a line diagonally from corner to corner to mark the center. Then I lined up the edge of the first strip with this line and used washable fabric glue to hold this piece in place. This first strip is placed with right side up.

The next strip was then placed face down (right sides together), lining up the edges that will be sewn together. Sew through all 3 layers - the foundation and 2 strips - using a 1/4" seam. Flip the 2nd strip over so that both strips are now side by side with right sides up. Press. 

Continue adding strips until your foundation piece is completely covered. 
Once complete trim strip tails and square to your desired size.

My original design for this quilt included an aqua and gray border completely surrounding the heart.
But due to time/deadline constraints and my own boredom with continually sewing the same straight lines I stopped with an off-centered heart. 

I actually ended up liking it off centered more than I thought I would. 

When I first started quilting I always choose a colorful backing fabric. I made this choice for two reasons 1) I loved the splash and surprise of color on the back. 2) the designs and color of the backing served to hide my very imperfect free motion quilting. 

As I worked on the Free Motion Quilting I began to realize that all the strips were hiding the quilting I was doing. I didn't mind this too much and continued to quilt, using it as an excuse to practice and play with my quilting. In the heart I did a variety of quilting designs; feathers, swirls, pebbles, paisleys and more. Now that I've begun teaching free motion quilting it would be great if the quilt could be flipped over to see the quilting better. Now I'm using solids or blenders on my quilt backs so that the quilting I enjoy doing so much can be seen and enjoyed. 

Quilt Details and Stats:

Finished Size: 46-1/2" x 37-1/2"
Quilt Pattern: Heart String Quilt Designed and Pieced by Marcia King (yeah that's me).
Batting: 100% Cotton
Thread: Aurifil Dove 2600 - 50 Wt.
Quilting: Machine Free Motion Quilted on my domestic Husqvarna Sapphire 875Q
Awards: 1st place in the Quilt Division of the Swirly Girls Poppy Love Challenge 

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share my quilting adventures with you!
God Bless & Happy Quilting,


  1. This quilt cheers me up just to look at it! I really, really like the off-set heart. How interesting that it wasn't your original plan. What a great lesson for life - when things don't go according to plan, we can make the best of it and end up with something even better.

    1. Susie!! I hadn't even considered the great life lesson involved in this design change. Thank you!!

  2. It looks like lace! So pretty!


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