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August 26, 2014

A Memorible Memory Quilt {A Finish}

I can't believe it's been so long since I've blogged about this quilt and what all I've been up to lately! 
Time just passes much too quickly, especially when I get busy.  I'm sure you understand and have experienced this yourself.  Before I dive into my next quilting project I wanted to be sure and share with you my most recent finish. I love how this quilt turned out!

Brent's Memory Quilt that I had been working on was one of those quilts that I wanted to be extra special for his family and I poured an exorbitant (huge, enormous) amount of time into this quilt. 

Custom Memory Quilt
With Custom Trapunto Work and Free Motion Quilting

I asked Melissa to share a little about Brent and her thoughts on this quilt, which is what I want to share today.

Here is what Melissa said and the pics she sent:
"Our 18 year old son was tragically killed in an auto accident in May of 2013, having just graduated our home-school high school and celebrating that accomplishment just 3 days earlier. After a few weeks of trying to process the whole thing in our minds, we knew we wanted to somehow preserve Brent's flannel shirts - one of his favorite things to wear. We thought a quilt would be a wonderful way to utilize the clothing in a tribute that would also serve to be useful.

In cruising the internet looking for ideas, I knew what I did not want: a quilt with big blocks of shirt: that just wouldn't be "him", nor something he would like. He didn't have a T- shirts collection of significant events in his life, or anything that would really lend itself well to that type of design. He was a young man that loved the outdoors in a major way: he loved to ski, hunt, ride motorcycles & ATV's, and most of all - he loved people. He loved to help others (he was a Jr. Firefighter, and left "Jr" status when he turned 18 earlier in the year), and he enjoyed spending time not only with his age mates, but with everyone from kids to the elderly. His "quirk", I guess you would call it, was that as much as he loved to be totally involved with something, he did NOT want to have attention called to him: he wanted to do his thing but remain in the background when possible.

Then it struck me: his quilt needed to be one where the shirts themselves were not the star attraction, but that the pieces of them were integral in contributing their flair into the overall design.

I began looking for quilts that might seem to fit this idea, and came across Little Pink Rose. One of the beautiful quilts jumped off the screen at me: the details and design spoke as much as the colors and the fabric. I felt a "connection" and a surge of hope.

I contacted Marcia and shared our story & what we were looking for, asking if she would be available for custom work, and to work with us on a design. Working with Marcia was such a joy! She listened to my ideas, and considered my preferences, and worked to make the quilt an amazing representation of Brent's life and memory. Those who have seen the quilt in person marvel at the workmanship, and remark at how she managed to capture the essence of Brent's life in fabric and stitching. (And I know that it would get Brent's grin and nod of approval, and probably a, "Wow - that's pretty cool...")

Words can't adequately express how much we appreciate all the TLC and careful thought and planning that went into the creation of this quilt. That kind of crafting ability is a gift from God! And we have a wonderful keepsake, made from our boy's favorite shirts, which expresses his personality, love of life and the outdoors."

It was truly an honor to create this memory quilt and pray for Melissa and her family. 
Here are a few more pics of the finished quilt

Trapunto Work in the Border.
Brent's full name and birthday were also done as Trapunto Work in the borders.
Pieced Backing


Some of my favorite quilted blocks.

Quilt Details & Stats:

Finished Size: 95" x 110"
Quilt Pattern: Squared Off by Elisabeth DeMoo of Brown Bird Designs
Batting: 1 layer 70% Cotton 30% Rayon
Thread: Aurifil 50Wt. Thread (used 12 colors)
Quilting: Machine Free Motion Quiltied on my domestic Husqvarna Sapphire 875Q

Thanks for stopping by and catching up with me!
God Bless & Happy Quilting,

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  1. Great memory quilt for the family! Thanks for coming back!
    Love to see your projects!♥

    1. It's good to be back. My goal is to blog more consistently and share more of the projects I'm working on. So glad you stopped by!


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