"She seeks wool & flax, And works willingly with her hands" ~ Proverbs 31:13

October 27, 2011

Beginning Again

Since my High School days, I've dreamed of owning and operating a custom sewing shop. Many years ago that dream came to fruition, but only for a short time. My first shop was known as, "Stitches Unlimited by Marcia Ann" and for the first time I experienced a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in what I was doing. I loved sewing for others and taking on new projects.

It was a bit of a short lived dream fulfillment, as the Lord lead my life in other directions. While I did continue to sew for my family's needs and from time to time for others, there was no longer a shop. My full-time job was focusing on homeschooling our boys.

Looking back on all this, it was definitely a providential change. Over the years I've realized that I tend to be an all or nothing type of gal, throwing myself so fully into the project I'm currently most passionate about  that I neglect almost everything else around me. Thankfully, with this realization I have gotten much better at time management and can now carve out the time needed to do what has to be done.  All those years ago, if I had continued to run a custom sewing shop, while at the same time homeschooling our boys, either the shop or the boys would have suffered. Neither of which was a good option. Thankfully when me moved to the Kansas City area, after much prayer the Lord lead me to the very specific choice of not re-opening the shop.

Today, the Lord has re-ignited that passion and desire to be creative, to sew for others, and to open a new shop in a new area. Initially my thought was to open up a store front, where I would offer all my sewing services as well as high quality fabrics, notions and classes. I realized that with this being my youngest son's last year of school, I needed to rethink and pray over my plans.  I sought the Lord and He was faithful to give me a solution.

The New Plan: Open up my sewing studio as a home-based business, offering my services as a seamstress. Then from there work toward opening an on-line store where items like quilts, bags and crafts I've made as well as quality fabric is available, while continuing to work on custom orders.  The ultimate goal is to prayerfully open a brick & mortar store front by the end of Summer 2012. I say prayerfully, because I want to remain open minded to the Lord's direction and timing.  Stepping out in faith, I am now opening, "Little Pink Rose Quilting & Sewing." My goal, above all else, is to honor and glorify the Lord my God in all I do.

My desire for this blog is that it will be a fun and creative place. A place where the Lord is praised, family and friends are loved and creativity and memories are shared. A place where budding quilters and seamstresses can find answers to questions, learn new techniques and skills, and be inspired.

Here's a Blast from the Past:
In the first picture I'm the 2nd from the right. The dress I'm wearing, I made from purple taffeta and lace. Very 1980's! This is the dress that inspired my love for working on formal wear. I have to admit that with the second picture, I once had a very immature moment in my life. You'll see what I mean. But hey, the dress is beautiful!
Junior Prom with all the girls. 

Jr. Prom with my headless date

Proverbs 31:13

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