"She seeks wool & flax, And works willingly with her hands" ~ Proverbs 31:13

October 31, 2011

Halloween Treat

I thought in honor of Halloween I'd share a blast from the past. Many years ago, when I was still a single mom and as poor as a church mouse, I made the most adorable Pooh Bear and Tigger costumes for my boys.

We started with 2 yellow sweat suites, 1 red T-shirt, 1/4 yard of tiger fabric and a paper pot. Andrew's Sweatshirt was 1 size too big, which gave me room to add a piece of muslin to the tummy and stuff it for that adorable tummy. The honey pot was made from one of those paper pots you can get at Michael's and then we added layers of paper mache to give it right shape and served as his candy collection pot. Some acrylic paint gave the pot the dripping honey look inside and out. We can't forget Pooh's Shirt, we cut off the bottom of a regular T-shirt and used fabric puff paint for his name across the front.

For Michael's Tigger costume we started by dying a yellow sweat suit with red die until it was the right shade of orange. The 1/4 yard of orange tiger print was used to create a tail. Then yellow fabric paint for his tummy and black felt strips for Tigger's stripes were glued to the outfit. 

I'm really not much into Halloween and really don't care for the darker side of it all, but this was a Halloween that we all greatly enjoyed!!


  1. Love the detailed description with the adorable picture! Go Little Pink Rose!

    Love ya/JoyceAnne

    p.s. not sure on selecting a "profile" - got here thru facebook???

  2. JoyceAnne,

    Thank you so much for all your encouragement!! My hope with the details is, that others would be able to make to do the same type of thing if they wanted to. I was wishing that I had pictures of the individual steps, so I could do a step-by-step tutorial. Had to go with what I had. I'm really enjoying this adventure the Lord has me on!!!


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