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April 10, 2017

A Break from Quilting

A couple of weeks ago our church network held a Women's Retreat that I attended with several ladies from my church. It was s a wonderful time to hear God's Word, connect with one another, catch up with friends, make new friends, and get away from the craziness of our daily lives.

Every year several ladies are asked to share their testimony and bless the group with their testimony of how God brought them to saving faith and how He continues to work in their lives. This year I was humbled to be asked to share how God worked in my life.

Reviewing and writing down what God has done and how He continues to work in my life today was a truly humbling experience. By the time I got up to speak Saturday evening I was an emotional wreck. I was in tears and cried through the first 5 minutes or so of talking. Listening to it later with my husband I was stunned that it sounded as good as it did.

I tried to create a movie file with a photo on the screen while the audio played, but there's a glitch in my movie software so unfortunately we're stuck with just a black screen.  It's just under 19 minutes long and I hope that my openness and transparency is a blessing to you.  I am humbled to now share with you my testimony. If what I've posted below doesn't work for you, please visit this link:
http://www.littlepinkrose.com/testimony.htm where I was able to post the audio in MP3 format.

Thank you for stopping by!

God Bless & Happy Quilting!


  1. I would love to listen to your testimony but couldn't find any link.

  2. Such events need to happen more often as it takes you close to God and you get to refresh your soul. Good information and nice video, thanks for sharing it


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