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March 10, 2017

With Love for Darren {A Finish}

 Last week was my sweet hubbies 50th Birthday and I made his favorite German Chocolate cake from scratch. It was oh so delicious. The frosting was especially yummy and then topping it off with a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream....oh my! 

With it being Darren's 50th Birthday I wanted to do something special, I considered ordering a set of books that I thought he would enjoy, but that just didn't seem very special and I put it off. Then a couple of weeks before his birthday I stumbled upon the answer, a quilt of course. 

This particular quilt has a bit of a story. Way back in 2005 Darren's mom unexpectedly passed away during liver transplant surgery.  Because she had hereditary Cirrhosis of the Liver she knew her days were numbered, especially if she didn't receive a liver. She had made it clear to the entire family that when the time came she wanted me to have everything in her sewing room, since I was the only one in the family who sewed. It was such a blessing to receive everything she had collected, but it was an emotional and difficult time. I packed it all including two unfinished quilts, brought it home and didn't think much about it. At that time I was into sewing dresses, clothes and making stuffed animals and doing all kinds of alterations and repairs, but hadn't got into quilting yet.

When I packed this quilt away so many years ago it was folded exactly like it is in the photo above. It really didn't seem like much, just two blue fabrics sewn together and tied. Seemed kind of blah to me and I didn't investigate any further than enough to know that there was no binding on it. So from 2005 to 2017 this quilt along with one other were packed in a plastic tub and moved with us from Independence, MO to Woodbridge, VA to Bristow, VA and finally to Stafford, VA.  I always planned to finish these quilts someday, but you know how that is someday just never seems to arrive. 

Then a couple of weeks before Darren's birthday I was cleaning and organizing my quilting studio, trying to arrange things so I would have the floor space to layout the largest quilt I've ever made and pin it.  Well, in the midst of all this rearranging and cleaning I popped open that tub and pulled out those quilts. The first quilt I pulled out was a Christmas quilt, I'm excited to finish it "someday" hopefully that will be sooner than later. But the second quilt took my breath away. It was so much more than I had dreamed, denim and heavy weight cottons beautifully pieced and tied ready for binding. I knew this is what I needed to give Darren for his birthday.

 I quickly discovered that I needed to make a little fix before I could attach the binding. The backing had slipped when she was tying the quilt, leaving one end with extra backing and the other with a couple of inches where there was no backing. It was an easy fix, I carefully cut off the extra and stitched it to the other end. Then it was time to find binding. There was one little 5-inch piece of binding pinned to one corner, but not nearly enough for the entire quilt. Started digging through my stash and found a dark blue from Moda's Grunge Collection, it was perfect!

After finishing the binding it was time for a label that gave credit to Darren's mom for piecing and tying the quilt and told the story. I'm pretty sure that she had made this quilt with the intention of giving it to Darren, but that's just a gut instinct so I didn't include that on the label. 

 He loved his new quilt! The best part is that it's a queen size quilt with a great overhang so no more wrestling for the blanket, plenty for each of us. I sleep much better under this quilt than our previous one and I'm so glad someday finally arrived. I know it will be treasured and loved as we use it for many years to come.

Quilt Stats:

Quilt Name: With Love for Darren King
Finished Size: 96" x 108"
Pieced and Tied by: Karen Melhan - Silvis, IL
Binding by: Marcia King - Stafford, VA
Fabric: Denim and Heavy weight Cotton
Batting: Polyester High Loft
Tied with Polyester yarn
Given to: Darren King on occasion of his 50th Birthday

Thank you for stopping by and sharing in my quilting journey!
Happy Quilting and God Bless,


  1. What an awesome story, and the perfect gift! Well done!

  2. Wow these patterns are so pretty! my grandmother used to quilt and this post reminded me of her so much! i am so nostalgic now


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