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October 24, 2012

Super Mario Brothers Quilt {Progress}

Two Finished Blocks

I'm not nearly as far on the Mario Quilt as I wanted to be at this point. So much for my self imposed deadlines. 

Mario and all his wrinkles and shadows

The more I stared at the finished Mario on the design wall, the less I liked it.  The gray thread I had chosen turned out to be too dark and was giving the seams a dark shadow. Then the water soluble grid I had utilized to easily lay out all the tiny pieces, left me with a very wrinkled Mario after washing away the grid. Even after pressing the heck out of Mario he was much too wrinkled for my liking. So I did a new Mario, this time with a lighter gray thread and no grid.  Much happier with the new Mario!!

New Mario -- No Wrinkles and No Shadows
Side by Side Comparison New Mario on the left, Old Mario on the Right
Next up is this cute little Mushroom Block.  For me the absence of the grid/stabilizer is actually speeding up the piecing process. Guess I'm just too picky!

Super Mario Brothers Mushroom
But, this little guy will have to wait until next week to be completely finished as I'm flying off to Houston for Quilt Market and leaving my sweet hubby in charge of the shop. He can cut fabric and I've taught him how to sew the patches on his uniforms, but I just can't say as I'll let him try his hand at this kind of precision sewing just yet. 

Lastly, while I'm away at Market the entire shop is 20% off. 
Visit the shop at: www.littlepinkrose.com

UPDATE: Jenny's question made me realize that I hadn't included the information on the pattern.
I'm doing the Super Mario Brothers Quilt Along with Angela at Cut to Pieces.



  1. Wow! Your shroom is huge! We are big Mario fans at my house. Do you know around how big the finished size will be? Also are you using Emily Cier's patterns?

    1. Each block finishes at 18" square. The pattern I'm using comes from cuttopieces.blogspot.com

  2. Love it! I can imagine curled up by the fire playing Super Mario Brothers under this quilt. Can't wait to watch it progress.


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